08 May 2010

Avatar (no, not the blue one)

Look at the above picture and lets point out what the fuck is wrong with this live action movie.

1. Zuko is fucking brown. I'm not racist but shouldn't they at least get the race right? And what the hell with the hair? If I am correct this movie is about the first season of Avatar. In first season, Zuko is still partially bald! Also, remove the fucking eyebrow! That's Zuko trade mark for fuck sake. Just the scar won't be enough. Fuck, why do they butchered my most favorite character in Avatar?! Fuck! I'm irate.

2. Is that supposed to be Katara? So she's a fucking Caucasian now? Fuckards mixed up the race >_>

See what I mean?

3. Who is that old man there? He better not be Iroh.

4. Where the hell is Sokka?!


So you see why I was so mad in my previous entry about the same shit? It is just too fucking ridiculous.

I'm not saying that they are incapable to bring that character to life but we Avatards couldn't compute the blunt discrimination towards the Asian artists. Sure they throw in Dev in the middle of the fucking casts but he got the wrong role! He's brown! Sokka is brown!

Argh this frustrates me. I better stop.

p/s: Can't wait for the movie to come out so I will have more things to rant about.


so fucking fuck man!!...im so fucking pissed off with Katara character!. even that girl is cute but the brown one is cuter than her! and Sokka must be funny in the movie!! if not?..arhh!!..you know how i will feel about that..

There is nothing good about this movie. It will suck. All live actions suck if they're made by Hollywood.

I still have high hopes for the Bebop Movie. All they need to get right is the main characters. As long as they don't fuck that up it's fine, and personally, I love Keanu as Spike.

Cowboy Bebop will be good. Its kind of like Watchmen. They know is HAS to be amazing or they will get destroyed. Keanu will be a good spike too.

Now as far as this movie.... the very first trailer i saw looked kind of cool... but since then my expectations have been lowered exponentially.... they are extremely low right now.

whoa Keanu as Spike? I'm digging that.

Seriously, I don't think Bebop is a good material for a live action. Plus, Keanu is not the ideal Spike.

For The Last Airbender, I'll see it and will eagerly await your rant on it :P

Who would be the ideal Spike then?

Uhm I honestly don't know who should e Spike but may be the whole point. Spike is a charming 'anime character'

Here's what I think: no one can be an anime character and fully succeed because I found that the charm lies that it was animated.

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