24 February 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Episode 4

You don't have to tell me how behind I am with this show. I KNOW. But since I love taking notes of what I watched and since I really enjoyed this show, I don't feel it's enough to spazz about it in my diary. So here I am, 3 weeks behind, writing an episodic review of this show for my own satisfaction.

Gag #1: High School Boys and Eavesdropping

Tadekuni saw Hidenori and Yoshitake and wonders what these two talked about when he's not around. So he eavesdropping on them and as expected, they talked about totally random things from porn to politics to shit. Basically stuff that was never brought up when Tadekuni is around. Obviously he feels down about it and thought that he needed to do something so he came up to them and guess what? They are NOT Hidenori and Yoshitake. LOL Tadekuni was trolled!

Gag #2: High School Boys and the Cultural Festival

Some girls decided to show who's the boss by entering the all boys' school. Actually the president of the student council for the girls school has inferiority complex. The guys acted like real gentlemen and compared to the girls at her school, she's been completely obliterate. The president of the boy's school then told the rest of the student council that both of their schools will corporate for the cultural festival. He intentionally saying hi to the wrong person just to pissed the girl president off XD

Gag #3: High School Boys and the Cultural Festival 2

The competition continued. The girl still thinks she can won against the boy president. What she doesn't realized is this: she has already lost the war. She went inside the jumbo haunted house and though she tried not to scream, one look at the boy president's male counterpart, she lost it. I got to be honest. I was envious of her at that moment.

Gag #4: High School Boys and the Cultural Festival 3

Yoshitake is handling the reception with a girl who acted like she knows everything about boys. I gotta hand it to Yoshitake for lasted that long. I would have put a socks in her to shut her up. But he's good. He called that tanned guy to replace him instead.

Yoshitake handling the situation like a sir

Gag #5: High School Boys and the Cultural Festival 4

The stupid competition between East and North high school continues even though the boys don't really give a shit. LOL well that's not true. The president has no problem picking a fight with a girl. He was just being nice I guess since he knew he won't hit girls anyway. This however did not stop Ringo from beating the shit out of him.

Gag #6: High School Boys and Counseling

Tadekuni seeks council from Nago regarding the distance he felt with Hidenori and Yoshitake. She tells him to be normal and not to put on airs. If indeed they are friends, he needs no invitation. So on the way home Tadekuni saw them and approached them as advised by Nago. However turns out that it were the same guys that Tadekuni mistook earlier LOL.

Extra: High School Girls are Funky - Humor

I'm a girl but I love and indeed laugh my ass off when Karasawa throws all those snacks on the ground and the annoying girls grovelling at it. I completely understand where he's coming from XD


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