22 February 2012

Bleach: Chapter 482

Just last week we were sadden by the fact that mangastream is no longer allowed to do JUMP series. We were mad by the news but grudgingly we switched to mangafox. Well, guess what? Mangafox too has suffered the same fate as mangastream and thus now we have to rely on scanlator's website to read our JUMP series. The best alternative at the moment is mangareader. Though their translation can be horrid at times, looks like we don't have much options in this matter T__T

Anyhoo, lets get back to Bleach.

It is kind of funny that no one grabs their weapons when Ivan Azgiaro casually walked into Ichigo's room and stepped on his bed. Ichigo kicked him out of the window, changed into a shinigami to take care of the pest while the others continue eating breads. Weird isn't it that they don't give a damn anymore, or is it because they sense how weak Ivan really is? Either way I think their reactions are retarded.

Outside, Ichigo asked Ivan to follow him to a less obscure place so that they won't create a ruckus. Surprisingly Ivan pretty much just do what Ichigo tells him to do, and answered all questions that was asked.

And suddenly BAM! just like many of us has thought Ivan is indeed a fucking Quincy. When I saw him took out that cross chain of his, the same thing that Ishida has on him, I couldn't stop laughing. No wonder he doesn't attack Ichigo from the back. Quincy has too much pride for that. No wonder that he's sorta mad when Ichigo asked him if he's an arrancar. This is going to be interesting indeed because looks like he's indeed both an arrancar and a Quincy. How the fuck did that happen?

I dunno what Ichigo is getting at

Back in district 64 of Rukongai, Ikkaku and Yumichika are still doing their investigation. No people were around. It seems like they all have disappeared without a trace. There are footprints left but it kinda weird because they are pair of a sandal and a barefoot. They seemed to gather at one place before they vanished. Mysterious indeed.

Mean while in Soul Society, the old fuck is visited by some faceless army in white, which we already know by now has something to do with Quincy. The leader pretty much tells the old fuck in the face that they are declaring war on Soul Society.

LMAO, war upon war upon war. I'm not complaining though XD

It looks like Kubo really want to get Bleach done and over with. Unlike the Hueco Mundo or Aizen arc, this arc seems to be progressing in the speed of lightning. There's no useless talk or whatever. He just gets straight to the point, isn't he?

I can't say that I like it. It feels rushed.

I don't want Bleach to be over so soon... :(

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

p/s: I didn't realize in the last chapter but I gotta say that I dig Yumichika's new hair style.

he's more manly now, isn't he?


omg that's yumichika? I was wondering who the cute new girl was.

I liked this chapter fairly well, but it ended just a tad too early...just like this week's naruto. i'm sorry naruto trolls us much worse than bleach. dunno why kubo gets the rep.

O_o you still think Yumichika looks like a girl? Something must be wrong with me eyes.

I have stopped reading Naruto for over a year now not because I don't want to but because I don't have time for it. I think all JUMP series have their weakness but the weak story telling from Kubo just made him the worst I guess.

From certain angle Yumichika does look feminine.

I'm sure Kubo heard all of the complains about his "slow" stories and now he's gonna put the entire arc on overdrive. surprise after surprise week after week muhahaha!

Honestly though, I hope it doesn't turn into a bloody mess. Bleach still has a chance to end on a high... or at least decent note. Lets hope Kubo doesn't screw it up.

The reason everyone is so casual is probably that they know Ichigo is a god. He curbstomped Aizen and then came back with a power up from the whole friggin gotei. There was never any threat.

I am not sure about the sudden change of pace. I want it not to be sluggish but this sort of seems a tad forceful to me, it's as if he can't wait to get Bleach done and over with. In doing so, he's jeopardizing a great conclusion to what once a great manga.

Rogue, despite that stature, the Quincies are still moronic enough to stir things up.

The pace is a lot faster and rushed indeed, but honestly, I prefer this than the endless dragging on. I guess I'm ready for Bleach to end.

Noooo! I don't want Bleach to end! Although I spend WAY too much time on it; I should be studying for a math test right now!

I'm on a fence. In one hand I don't want Kubo to drag on with mindless shit but on the other hand I don't want it to feel rushed. I guess I want Bleach to end on a high note, which to be honest, is quite an impossible thing to wish for atm T__T

It doesn't feel rushed, it just feels more... decisive. I think he's heading towards a really long arc - not a dragged-out arc, but time-wise, an epic arc - and if he doesn't cut to the chase every time... well, it's going to take another 800 chapters.

(Even if the whole war only takes two weeks, think about all the fronts this war will be fought against! Think about how many chapters it takes for one battle to occur, and then how many battles must occur, now that there're so many characters! Imagine if /all/ of the previously introduced characters are reintroduced in this arc - something that's pretty damn likely to happen...)

I want a complete reboot of everything after Soul Society. The last time I remember the show really feeling like Bleach was probably when Grimjoy owned Ichigo for the first time(whilst Ikkaku was owning Edorad). If you can't give me that then just end it and give me something set a few decades or a century later which involves new characters

Oh I'm prepared for this arc to be at least 100 chapters long but it doesn't matter.8100 chapters are still too soon for me. A part of me just don't want Bleach to end and always hoping that Kubo will get back to his senses and brings back the glory day of Bleach. Another part of me sometimes wants it to be done and over with especially when I read something just made me go "huh?"

Chapter 483 is a good example of a shitty chapter >_>

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