03 October 2011

First Impression: Fate/Zero

I am not as excited as everyone else about this show. Like I said in my preview for Fall, I am not really a fan of Fate, either the anime or the game. I also don't get why are people so crazy about Fate. I admit that she's good with that sword of hers but other than that... she's rather dull.

(c) Pizaya

Since I have watched Fate/Stay Night, I am not completely clueless about this show. At least they are still using Holy Grail War concept shit as the pillar of the story. The Holy Grail War is a battle to obtain some ancient relic that will perform miracle to those who wins it. The Grail will choose 7 magi as Masters for the Servant. If you have the stigmata, that means you have the power to summon and command a servant (heroes of your choice from ancient time) and together you will fight the war.

That's all that I understand really. Other gibberish are just words that I have no idea what it means, really. They mentioned Tohsaka and Matou and few other names as if I am supposed to know who they are. Well, I am not. Or maybe I just don't remember. Orz.

The show takes us back and forth, from yesteryear to the future and from one country to the other. In doing so we are being introduced with the characters that will play their part in this war eventually. It is a necessary build up for the war that will happen anytime soon. I mean, I even get to see Rin as a child.

(c) Morii Shizuki

There are several key players in this show. The lucky winners for this round are Kotomine Kirei who will work together (under pretense that theya are enemy) with Tohsaka Tokiomi to ensure that they will win the other five battles. He is the most mysterious character out of the bunch at the moment. Then there's Kariya who abandoned his family name (Matou) to live a normal life but when he learned that Sakura (Rin's sister) was adopted, he made a deal to win the war so Zouken will release her. The third one is Waver Velvet, an ambitious boy from London who wants to prove that winning the war is all about pure skills and got nothing to do with bloodline or rank. The forth is Emiya Kiritsugi, the Magus Killer who was chosen to marry into the Einzbern family. He's one cruel son of bitch that will bomb both the Entire State Building if his target is in there. This fact makes me root for him lol me and my taste for bad guy. The fifth Master is Rin's dad Tokiomi. That left us with two more spots for Masters.

The battle to look out for has to be Emiya versus Kirei. They both kinda crazy in the head when it comes to murdering Magus.

Then there are the Servants. Assassin is assigned to Kirei, Saber to Emiya, Rider to Waver, Gilgamesh to Tokiomi and Berserker to Kiriya. Caster and Lancer are yet to found their Masters.

So... This first episode is pretty fucked up in so many ways. We got Sakura who got fucked by insects and was used to it in three fucking days. Jeebus. Then there's Waver who is so going to be fucked like there's no tomorrow by his Servant. Also, what's up with Tokiomi and Kirei's father going in circle while explaining shits to Kirei? I mean, just what the fuck was that? Kiriya and Berserker seem like the best fucked up combination you can think of and last but not least, Emiya who think someone just fucked with him when Saber appeared instead of Arthur. Heh.

Let us not forget who produced this show. I hope it will be as awesome and as fucked up gory as Kara no Kyoukai. Judging from this almost 48 minutes introduction of the first episode, I am pretty sure that it will turn out just as great. If the "Fate" franchise itself doesn't get me excited, knowing that Ufotable produced this does. Needless to say I am a fan of their works and thus by the end of this episode, I can honestly say my interest level has increased by tenfold.

Oh yeah this shit is going to be 25 long episodes of greatness! *cross fingers*

arts & animation 9/10
story 7/10
characters 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 8/10


I wasn't sure if I would understand any of it, since I have no experience with the Fate franchise. Fortunately it mostly made sense. Some of it was a bit obtuse (like you said, what was up with that walking in circle?). I will probably check out a few more episodes, even though there wasn't much to indicate to me how this show will go (I'm assuming this first episode was dialog-heavy to set everything up).

I am actually a fan of the servants from watching Fate/Stay Night and perhaps one of the main driving forces for me to keep watching, aside from the fact that this is produced by Ufotable. This show can only gets better as it progresses in my opinion.

This is a shit review, IMO...
Facts are wrong.
More of a procession than a review, with very little to justify the stuff that was actually reviewed.

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