29 September 2011

Bleach: Chapter 466

Heh whadda ya know, Renji did defeat Jackie. She is not even worth it for Kubo to show the rest of the fight. However, they are still stuck in that game space version of Yukio. One of them needs to die or the portal will not open. Renji is being a total gentleman refusing Jackie's offer to kill her and wants to figure out a way so that they both can get out of the game. I dunno, I found this ironically funny for some reason. Maybe because he's so much like Byakuya nowadays. I am sure we are all too used with the idea that Renji is hot headed and will act before he thinks, right?

That speech!

But yeah, Jackie kinda sacrifice herself after that to Renji's surprise. Jackie probably knew that Yukio ain't happy and will kill them both. How fucking noble you are Jackie but sorry but I'm glad that you're dead actually. You as a character who doesn't give any added value to Bleach after all.

And so we move on to Yukio versus Toushiro. I seriously want to smack Yukio's head for being an arrogant son of a bitch. Thankfully his opponent doesn't fall for his childish show off talk. Experience makes all the different. Toushiro plays along to his little game which frustrates Yukio so he uses all his power to defeat Toshiro. Like I said, so freaking childish. With just a glance, Toushiro hits a nerve when he guesses correctly that Yukio is a deserted child. This makes Yukio lost his cool, pretending that the choice was his to desert his parent. He's a very bad child. I don't believe that I liked him before. He caused his parent to commit suicide after he ruined his father's company. Spawn of the devil, you are!

Since Yukio is busy being mad, he lost his focus and allows Toushiro to freeze that damn gadget of his that controls the space. With that gadget now useless, the creatures of his creation who are after Toushiro are after him as well. Heh, plan back fired much, Yukio?

Another seemingly pointless chapters since all the fights are at the moment so one-sided. Though the results were expected, I wish Kubo could have been more creative in delivering the content. This is just him taking the easy way out.

Well, at least he further develops the characters. Renji is more matured (that took him long enough), Toushiro is more collective and well... Rukia is now a fukutaicho =3

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


renji deserves a *clap, clap* after all for his character development! :D

i love it when toushiro stroke a nerve from a seemingly cool yukio, and... BAM! uh-oh... the arrogant kid is in trouble! HAHA :p

KUBO, Y U NO SHOW RUKIA!!! *angrytrollface*

I thought Yukio was cool but damn he sucks!

Yukio is a poser, acting like he is all cool but can't keep his cool after taking some verbal jabs.

Meh still waiting for the main events to happen.

I've been deceived T___T

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