28 September 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 24

As expected, Rin isn't happy with what is happening to Yukio at the moment. Well then again, no one is except the other Satan's offspring, Mephisto.

Everyone tries to stop Satan (when I said everyone, I mean Rin's classmates) but obviously they are no match for him. Even Shura tries her luck and since she's the student of Fujimoto, she lasts for about 2 seconds longer but enough to take everyone into hiding.

Satan/Yukio wants to merge Assiah with Gehenna. No ones except Yukio knows that was what Yuri wish (well kinda, if you think about it), so everyone was skeptical. Satan might have a noble intent but his method is wrong. He is destroying the Academy and endangered so many lives. Also, killing your offsprings? Yuri wouldn't like that, Satan.

Everyone wants to take the easy way out: destroy the Gehenna and abandon Yukio to whatever fate lies for him. I am disappointed at these people. You don't leave your fucking comrade behind, you assholes! Satan should burn you to crisp! Thankfully Rin is against the idea. He trusts Yukio's soul is still inside of him.

this fanart serves no purpose except that Yukio looks so fucking hawt in it ♥

He and Shura going to face Satan/Yukio alone while the others help out the citizens of the Academy and bring them to the shelter located at the Japan branch. Everyone except the ever so stubborn Shiemi. I swear to go God if she become a damsel in distress and get in the way of the fight, I am so gonna slaughter her.

that's practically a confession, Shiemi =3

And as expected of her, she appears just as Satan/Yukio defeat Shura. She fucking tries to talk senses to Satan, can you believe it? She's dead in no time at all and in doing so forces Rin to step forward from his hiding. Rin refuses to fight Satan/Yukio though so his dad is having a blast beating the crap out of him. This would have been awesome if the quality of the action is maintain. Unfortunately A1-Pictures' animation crew got lazy. It's still great though just not awesome.

even the fans can do a better artwork of the fight -_-

Rin manages to get through Yukio though (who is held captive VERY NAKED indeed in his own mind). He needs to fight his own inner demon but meh that's nothing to him. We all know that he would triumph anyway. This bromance that these two have, it transcend Assiah and Gehenna after all lol.

can you feel the bromance people?
(c) pixiv id 2889983

Unfortunately only half of him in under his control. The other half of his body still under Satan's control and it is the perfect opportunity to fucking shot Rin. But fuck I didn't expect Yukio to fucking point the gun to his own head!

Don't do it Yukio!

Fuh, I almost had a heart attack. Jeebus don't you scare me like that, Yukio. I'll quit this show if you are dead! Hooray for Rin for stopping Yukio from making that stupid decision. And just like that Satan left Yukio's body but he's not done yet. He still has so many tricks up his sleeves. He summons some humongous shit from Gehenna.

I wish Mephisto will just stop sitting around and do something, damn it!

p/s: I think [gg] fansub should win an award for the subs they did for this episode XD


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