08 September 2011

Bleach: Chapter 463

Now that the Xcutioners have Ichigo's powers (except for Tsukishima), the field is equal. I guess it was needed just so that the shinigamis have reason to unsheathe their zanpaktous. I am sure many of us just can't wait to see the shinigamis in action again.

Tsukishima is not the only member who was neglected. Ginjou refused to give Shishigawara some of Ichigo's power as well, knowing that strengthening his power will only pose a threat to them (read: him) and reminds Tsukishima to kill Shishigawara when all these shits are over, thinking confidently that he will win the battle. I feel sorry for him for being so naive.

Ichigo being so upright in his believe thinks that it is his responsibility that these lunatics got a power up which mean he wants to take care of them by himself. I was surprised that he managed to do just that and I'm not gonna lie. I creamed my pantsu when I saw he did it.

look at that face!

If I was Rukia, I would have fap there and then *chuckles*


It was all an illusion. I should have known that it wouldn't be that easy. As if the shinigami (especially Kenpachi) would let him have all the fun. I almost laughed my ass off when Ichigo has the nerves to say that he was holding back just to see them lunatics up on their feet again.

With just a tad of his powers, Yukio's ability has now the power to invade the world outside the screen and thus Ichigo's attack does not affect them at all. Neither does Ikaku's attack. Yukio seems so elusive but now that he has to deal with Toushiro, I am sure things will turn around. It is so like Kubo to have the enemy separated equally for a battle >_>

Ikaku = Shishigawara
Tsukishima = Byakuya
Riruka = Rukia
Dirty Boot = Renji
Yukio = Toushiro
Giriko = Kenpachi
Ichigo= Ginjou

And the fight between Giriko and Kenpachi doesn't even take 3 seconds before Kenpachi slashed the old fart in two. I like to believe that Giriko ain't dead yet just because Kubo love to pull that crap on us so many times before. I don't see how this is any difference. At the same time, I wish he really is dead so Kenpachi can steal Ginjou from Ichigo.

Don't you think it is time Ichigo catches a break?

But oh boy I'm excited to see how Rukia will fare against the bitchiness of Riruka. I hope Rukia's power has evolved too since the last time we saw her fighting. That is only appropriate with the Fukutaicho badge she is wearing on her arm. Would have been awesome too if she already reaches her bankai secretly. Also, it has been a while since we saw Byakuya really fight (the last time was with that pumpkin espada (Yami doesn't count) and I love how he always so composed. He uses kidou a lot too. When was the last time we heard a kidou chant, people? I didn't know I miss it this much :3

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That was the best thing that's happened to bleach in a long time.

3 seconds fight is interesting? Well... maybe so. Thanks to Kenpachi Giriko finally shut his fucking pie hole.

Also, I just noticed that Kenpachi no longer has bells on his hair.

I am hoping that rukia has reached bankai already, but if not, I'll be fine if there's a badass fourth dance in her shikai! that would really be awesomely sweet!

I hope they show her fight first. So I won't be saying what kenpachi deliberately said, "FUCKING BORING."

Though I'm excited to see Rukia, I want to see her fight right before Ichigo's fight with Ginjou. I think the impact would have been greater that way

I want to see Rukia's bankai. Also Kenpachi's bankai, but looking at how he just walked right through Giriko I guess it won't be in this battle.

Kenpachi doesn't have a shikai or a bankai. He's pure raw power. Isn't that what he always boasting about?

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