08 September 2011

Bleach: Chapter 462

You know I am too fucking damn busy when I postponed my reading of Bleach's latest chapter. I still am but I just don't want to be spoiled anymore so here I am squeezing some times to read Bleach. Without further adieu...

All of a sudden Ginjou has become a dire threat to both the human world and Soul Society. I think the shinigami is giving this new power ranger member too much credit. Apparently, it was because of him that the Soul Society created laws for Substitute Shinigami. Meh, I like to believe that the old fuck fucked up and has no talent for spotting talent. Thank goodness that Rukia gave her shinigami powers to Ichigo back then otherwise the world would have collapsed!

Ginjou is being a cocky bastard just because he has some of Ichigo's power. Doesn't he saw that Ichigo has the gift of Deus Ex Machina?

If this doesn't pissed me off before, the fact that Kubo switched to Whorehime makes me all red in the face. I don't think I can contained this anger >=(

what a fucking slut

Whorehime just can't help but feeling so miserable when she saw Ichigo cried. I mean what the fucking fuck was this Kubo? Did some whorehime's fans hold a knife on you neck when you were writing this fucking chapter? It was forced and it feels so fucking fake. STOP IT!

Hmph, just when I think Kubo's balls are safe...

Chad is fucking confused too when he saw the shinigami on Ichigo's side. While these two morons were figuring things out, Tsukishima appeared to (try) stop them from having a second thoughts. I would give Kubo anything he wishes for if he lets Tsukishima kills both Chad and the slut. That would be the most perfect ending for these two fucking characters.

But of course Kubo is too much of a coward to do that. He sent Urahara to the rescue. I have never felt so disappointed in my life. Not only that, it seems like Kubo thinks this is the appropriate time to gather everyone (those with powers at least) in one place. The Xcutioners came running as well, all mighty pissed with Ginjou for not sharing Ichigo's powers. Ginjou silenced them up with just a flick of his sword that divides Ichigo's borrowed powers to the recipients. I thought Ginjou would kill them. I guess he's kind of loyal with his Xcutiners members.

How fucking gay

Again, I have to question Kubo's logic. By right the Soul Society can intervene long before Ginjou persuaded Ichigo. They could have let him has his power without all these troubles and at the same time ensuring that Ginjou would not obtained the powers that will cause problem to them later on. This just proved how fucking stupid this whole fucking arc is.

p/s: The title of this chapter is "Why Me Sad". I think Kubo needs to take an English class.

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lmao you use mangastream right? i don't believe kubo has anything to do with their translations. no, this is all fan-made and possibly illegal dubbing. basically stealing manga. glad it's there though, cause otherwise I simply wouldn't read this stuff. I am not rich.

are you saying mangastream trolled us with the translation? But judging from the previous titles, it doesn't seems like Kubo is eloquent in English either.

yeah... orihime knows nothing but cry, it's stupid. And chad, ugh...

"How fucking gay"

I know right?!

Kubo is running out of idea to pull our legs off >__>

orihime can go die for all i care!!
and people say she's the princess.well,newsflash u fucking retards!!A princess never cries in such a disgusting manner that would make someone wanna puke on her goddamn face.Please please someone REJECT HER AND HER BOOB LOVING FANS!!!

Someone who shares my sentiment. Lets brofist, Anon!

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