10 September 2011

No. 6: Episode 8

I'm a couple weeks late but meh I'm still gonna write this episodic review for my own satisfaction. It also serves well when and if I want to write a review on the show later on. I am sure the aniblogsphere have moved on from that kissing scene in the last episode and from what I collected here and there (spoilers on twitter) it looked like that was the epitome of this show.

Unfortunately this didn't happen :(
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Nezumi brought Shion to some toxic wasted cave where a bunch of cavemen captured them and led them to their leader. Remember that dude in the picture who Nezumi recognized in episode 4? It's the same person. He's one of the creators of No.6 according to Nezumi and thus it was appropriate for him to bring Shion there. Also, he is an acquaintance of Karan and so thinks he has the right to ask Shion to strip for him.

Which Shion did for the sake of showing him the scar on his body. Heh, Shion is not a whore people!

Oh by the way, I almost forgot about Safu who is still in the tank being experimented on. She has conscious but doesn't what is happening around her. Hmph, so typical of a damsel in distressed. Even in her condition, all she could do was chanting Shion's name. She reminds me of Whorehime. While in that state, she heard a song and she wasn't the only one who heard it. The same song affected Nezumi too in a bad way.

The leader requested Nezumi to sing that song and he complied. For someone who hated the song, he sang it beautifully. As he sang, the water surrounded them in the cave started to glitter and the other cavemen were affected by the song just like Nezumi was a few minutes ago. This greatly concerned Shion so he pestered the leader to tell them the truth or at least tell them something. The leader finally gave in and spoke of a name: Elyurias.

I don't have a fucking clue what that means either or to whom the name belonged to and I almost facepalm when I found out. Elyurias is some sort of a revered place where the forest folks lived. Sounds familiar? If it is, that's because you have watched James Cameron's Avatar before. Yep, they stole the fucking plot. No.6 invaded Elyurias and Nezumi is the sole survivor of the forest folks. No wonder he has such deep hatred for the city. I would too.

Apparently Elyurias still lives. Though Nezumi never met her, he heard her song. In other words, she's calling to him. Funny, if it is supposed to be good spirit, why is it hurting so damn much then? Also it doesn't make sense that the leader's words finally getting through to Nezumi. If he proceed of taking revenge on No.6, then he will be guilty of massacre which pretty much doing the same thing like as the enemy. Wasn't that what Shion was trying to say to him?

Come on now, that was cheap...

Good news though. Since Shion is the son of Karan, the leader willingly gave him his research materials. This could help them greatly when they want to infiltrate the correctional facility which they planned to with helps from the Dogkeeper and the Pimp.

The A-Team

Mean while back in No.6, Karan got her information regarding the plague from Yoming, the journalist who claimed to be an anti. He spoke without knowing that Karan was one of the co-creator of No.6 who made the city the way it is now. He also tried to make a move on Karan. Learned to read the mood, Yoming *facepalm*

His mom is not in the greatest mood. Even more so when she learned that Shion might rebelling against No.6 (thanks to Nezumi's rat).


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