12 September 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 19

Late I know so lets just get on with it.

BAM! I didn't expect Shima to read my astrology loud and clear like that. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic that walks my own path. I dream a lot and it's own of my way to escape this crappy reality. Oh smurf but why does Shiemi's personality is so different from mine otherwise she and I could have ended up as bestfriend! >_>

how charming ♥

On a more serious note, Yukio is finding cure for the demon infections that he has on his arm. He is still keeping it a secret from everybody else and experimenting the antidote all by himself. I feel like Yukio is a very lonely person, much like yours truly even though he is surrounded by people who seemingly care for him (but not as much as they care for Rin Orz).

Anyhoo in this episode, they are focusing on Izumo's surprise birthday party. Shima is responsible for the presents, Rin and Koneko are responsible for the cake while Shiemi and Suguro will make sure the decorations are done by Sunday. As expected, they do not include Yukio in their plan.

As everyone wants to keep Izumo out of the loops, things get a little bit interesting, I must say. Izumo is suspicious of Shima dating Paku so that keeps her busy. Rin jumping off of the window just to keep the secret is funny in my opinion but nothing beats the Wagnaria Magnaria. You'll get this if watch Working! which you should because it's the best anime in 2010. I won't be surprised if Takanashi or Inami wait the table lol


In the end Izumo did find out the truth thanks to Shima. She refused to have a birthday party all to herself. She refused to take part if they do not include everyone. This time even Yukio is invited. Thank you Izumo :)

As they were having fun, Yukio gets a phone call. Apparently their monastery is under attack and thus that should be the plot for the next episode. I wonder when are they going to properly address Yukio's demon infection.

p/s: Rin and Yukio's birthdays are on 27th December. They don't know when or where they were born or who is their mother. All Yukio know is that their father found them on a snowy day. Since their birthday is so close to Christmas Day, they usually celebrated their birthday together with Christmas thus they have no idea what birthday cake should looks like.

It's incredibly cute how naive they can be sometimes, even Yukio is clueless :3


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