07 July 2011

Bleach: Chapter 455

I can't really say that I look forward to this week's chapter after the end of last chapter. Abandoned mansion in the middle of Karakura town just doesn't make sense for me. It's too convenient and I can see Kubo being lazy to think of anything original at this point. Damn him.

I guess Ichigo must be really pumped up by now and his uncertainty has been replaced by pure rage knowing that Shuu has fucked with the minds of his friends and family. As soon as he sees Shuu at the door, Ichigo lost it. It would have been fun to see Ichigo getting his ass kick. Unfortunately Ginjou just has to ruin it by stopping Ichigo from doing something so careless.

You don't understand, Ginjou. Ichigo is actually excel in being so careless in a fight.

And I think Ginjou panicking is lame. But not as lame as everyone throwing a welcome home party for Ichigo. What the fuck is that?

I would freak out too

Ichigo is caught totally off-guard and I can see why Shuu opts this method. He's breaking Ichigo using mind games, something that Ichigo is not used too. Ichigo who doesn't know how to react once again flee the scene. He only has one thing in mind, that is to kill Shuu. In his frenzy, he's surrounded by the enemy.

Oh Ichigo, you are so gullible.

Shit doesn't really working out for him at the moment, does it? Even if Ginjoy destroyed the staircase, it won't mean that the others downstairs won't be in harm's way. Such simple mind and yet Ichigo falls for it.

I think he only needs a reason. His anger for Shuu is barely under control now. If Shuu is a lesser man, he should be peeing in his pantsu right about now.

I am surprise that Ichigo fucking manages to cut Shuu's left arm so easily. Oh but Shuu won't be outdone. He has his army of mindless zombies. He knows Ichigo won't fucking hurt any of his friends so imagine how Ichigo must have feel when Sado comes after him all power up and shit.

I am not looking forward to that fight which will be filled with unnecessary chatting. I think this is the chance for Kubo to redeem himself by actually allowing Ichigo to kill Chad and Inoue. It would have been the plot twist that we all needed. Fuck that would be awesome. The death of my two most hated characters in Bleach. I would drink to that. Oh yes I would.

Sadly Kubo never listens to his fans when it actually matters.

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


The last few chapters were highs that has always eluded Bleach, but now that we're back to the weird "I'm behind you and you don't expect it" fights, the quality will probably drop again.

Dammit Bleach...

You mean, dammit Kubo?

He's taking us on his troll ride. I'm not enjoying it very much until either Chad or Inoue get kill at this point.

Or Rukia returning. Bleach isn't much without her. She's the female protagonist goddammit. How can she be absent for such a long time? No wonder Bleach has turns to shit lately

the immense stupidity of manga characters gets really old. You just say

"ok guys, if shuu is telling the truth then i'm sure he'll gladly surrender his sword to one of you while we figure this all out."

I mean even if ichigo has to agree to being tied up it works so long as shuu is because isshin or someone will come along and save the day.

not even gonna try and argue that

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