06 June 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 8

Since Menma's dad is opposing their idea of learning to make fireworks, they decide to confront Menma's mother while her dad is at work. This is not a good idea in my opinion. I doubt her mom will allow these kids to danger themselves just for her dead daughter's sake. I would be very surprise if she is willing to help them. But then again, she missed her daughter and maybe this makes her feels closer to her.

Things, as expected, didn't go as planned. Menma's mom is actually feeling very bitter that the kids get together again and having fun. She accuses them of neglecting Menma. Hah, I knew this would happened. Since my friend died, we didn't visit his house again, even on festival days because we thought that seeing us will just reminds them of my friend, and what kind of life he would be living if he is still alive. We feel guilty without knowing why we should. That is the kind of can of worm that I refused to open.

After they learned the truth, Yukiatsu suggests they should stop playing around. I think he is right though. This wish of Menma, like I have said before, only concerns Jintan so I think he shouldn't be dragging everyone else with his problem. If only he apologizes, maybe Menma will disappear and leave him for good, but we all know that he doesn't want that to happen. I must admit though that seeing them together is kinda fun but it is also kind of awkward as well because each of them carries pain of their own.

true that

So Jintan makes the decision to grant Menma's wish on his own even though Poppo and Anaru are willing to help him out. I can't help but feeling like he's being selfish again. He said he wants to do it alone but still he causes trouble for everyone else, especially Anaru.

Speaking of Anaru, a standing ovation is in order I think. She boldly confess to Jintan in this episode, even telling him that she felt relieved when Menma died. Despite all that, Jintan still prefers to be a dick.

I've been there so I know how much it hurts

Anaru/Jintan is no longer my OTP. I think Anaru deserved someone better. Jintan can be a necrophilia all his life for all I care. That fucker... he doesn't even give some thought to what Anaru said to him. His head is full of Menma this and Menma that. That makes me sick. And pissed.

I have no sympathy for a coward like him. He should be crying for her mother!

Speaking of his mother, it is his mother death anniversary so he and his dad go to visit the grave leaving Menma alone. She goes out to town for a walk when she meets Poppo. She heard him saying some shit about them not being together anymore and takes it upon herself to reunite them. She calls up Tsururu and Yukiatsu but of course they can't hear her. I think Menma should just fucking leaves everyone alone already. She causes so much pain to the living. She should get over herself. In fact, even his brother feels resentment towards her. He feels neglected since both his parent don't give much attention to him after the death of his sister. Poor kid.

Anaru, Poppo, Yukiatsu and Tsururu meet at the club house when Jintan walks in on them. Obviously they are there to discuss about the prank calls they received from Jintan's house.

don't stop him Poppo! Let him loose! I want to punch the living hell out of Jintan too!

They are all pretty pissed at Jintan and for good reason too. Fuck, when Menma enters that door, I swear I want to strangle her to death but damn it she's already dead!

She goes to her diary and show them some clue. If only she did that earlier then all these misunderstanding could have been avoided. GAH I'M IN RAGE. I never feel like slapping someone so badly as I did now.


This show is goodness.


"I swear I want to strangle her to death but damn it she's already dead!" XD

I liked that fight at the end. It was very genuine. You could see why Yukiatsu's emotions got the better of him. Instead of being 'cuz they're bad-asses who need to fight, we had a real someone deserved a punch moment.

true. Emotions were running high at that point in time. We are all effected one way of the other by the sheer brilliancy of the show as it plays it cards. I was completely pulled in by the end of the episode.

I felt horrible when Jinta just walked away from Anjou. I guess it's too much to wish for Anjou and her happiness to win over Menma.

I was happy when he walked away from Anaru. She deserves the cold shoulder and really needed a wakeup call. He doesn't deserve her either, but her selfishness pisses me off as much as his single-mindedness.

Jinta is totally screwed-up, and this episode proves that he had every right to be afraid of seeking help from his friends and family. His dad doesn't know how to help, and his friends all piss on him and pin the blame on him.

The real lynchpin here is Menma, and whether they can convincingly tell us why she didn't reveal herself sooner.

The one thing that really stuck out to me like a sore thumb here is how Menma chooses "now" of all times to reveal herself. She should've done it since like episode 2, no?

There are some theories about why she didn't reveal herself until now though. The one that makes the most sense to me is that Menma didn't reveal herself because if she did, her wish would eventually be fulfilled, which means she would disappear, go to nirvana, etc.

It's only after realizing all the suffering she is causing that Menma finally got her act together and revealed her presence to the rest of the cast.

Or so, that's how the theory goes :3

Hence why I feel like cutting off his dick, Tomphile.

@hogart, its looks like everyone in this show suffers from unrequited love but at least Anaru is loving the living. You can't deny the feelings of relieved because as a human, you are susceptible to such cruel feelings because we are all selfish for our own good. But at least you agree that Jintan is no good and Menma is the mother of all the problems here.

We are all pretty much pissed off at Menma atm Tsuki. I can't believe she still has that smile on her face when she knew what kind of problem she has caused. I doubt that she's that stupid/naive.

I don't have any theory. I'm too mad to think of a theory. Not when it concerns Menma.

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