08 April 2011

First Impression: X-Men

I wonder if in order to watch this show, I have to complete Wolverine first because if it does, then that's a tell tale sign that this is going to be just as bad like the previous adaptations produced by Madhouse (Iron Man, Wolverine).

I am not a fan of other American superheroes but I am a fan of X-Men. It's the only comic that I spent what little money I have as a child. My favorite X-Men of all time is no other than Gambit. Jeebus, that guy is a hot motherfucker. Ehem... but the reason I like him is because he doesn't always play by the rules and his attitude is to die for. The same can be said about Wolverine but he's lacking in the personalities department and it is safe to say that Wolverine is my least favorite of them all. He and Jean kinda share that spot. If I can choose to be one of the female X-Men, I definitely will pick Rogue, not just because she and Gambit are an item (which mean I can get into Gambit's pantsu) but also because of the power she has. She's cool.

But just like in the movies, I doubt that Gambit will make an appearance in this show and that kinda makes me sad.

The start of the episode was pretty impressive. Jean obviously has turned into Pheonix but that's not what impressed me. It's the character designs. I FREAKING LOVE IT. It feels like the drawings in the comic came to life. Sure they wear different kind of suit but damn they look just like them in the comic. It's hard to believe that Madhouse get this one right when they butchered Wolverine so very badly in their adaptation. However, it's still too early to say since I have at least 20 more minutes to go. I have high hopes though.

Scott is still so very in love with Jean. Something will never change I guess. Unfortunately for Scott, his love life in this one kinda short-lived. Jean sacrificed herself in order to save the world. How fucking noble (NOT). I just don't believe that she's dead is all and I pray that Madhouse won't do the love triangle thingy between Scott, Jean and Wolverine. That would be so freaking old.

Looks like this show is taking place a year after Jean's (supposedly) death. X-Men and the Institute are no longer active but they do gather once in a while for emergency cases. Inner Circle is victorious in that sense I guess. In this episode, they gathered again (except for Mr. Depressed Scott but Wolverine and Storm took care of that) to help out Cat.

And my 20 minutes are up. Needless to say, I am a happy fan.

I feel the need to fap

Credits have to be given to the production team. Xavier Institute looks just like it supposed to, inside and out. Their attention to details are commendable. It definitely shown how much effort they have put into making this episode.

I want more. Wow... this is unexpected.

arts & animation 10/10
story 9/10
characters 10/10
sounds 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9/10



Yeah m'am, i watched this very first episode, 'cuz a friend of mine said if i didn't like neither wolverine or ironman i should give this a try...didn't impressed me that much either...

Gambit is my favorite also, but if you remember well, rogue can't get into gambit pantsu as you said earlier because that would kill gambit bacause of rogues power and...

(reads wikipedia for gambit and rogue)


ok, now they can :P

gambit obviously is awesome..... my favorite character in ANY X-Men storyline will always be Apocalypse however..... but i am feeling the need to check this out. Because I am currently in the middle of watching the X-Men Animated Series (which ran from 1992 to 1997)... so I am interested.

Also.. you are not a fan of other american superheroes? I don't understand how anyone can not be a fan of batman... he is the epitome of manliness and pure badass. Batman is my favorite superhero of all time, and The Green Lantern comes in at #2.

GAMBIT IS FUCKING AWESOME. Just feels like saying it again.

Thi, after the diabolical Iron Man and Wolverine, X-Men was like bounds and leaps better. Also, who are you calling Ma'am?

As far as I can remember, not one x-men animated series sucks, even the new one (where everyone were so much younger and in high school) was enjoyable. Or maybe I was being biased but they are just great.

I'm sorry Oballer, I am not a fan of batman. But he's far way better than Superman. Urgh I hate that guy.

Cyclops is too bishonen for bishonen's sake. XD
Looks nice. Do you recommend? How do I view for free?

he's alright. Leave him alone you hater. And I'm sorry I dunno where did they stream this. Use torrent >>

So far, I didn't mind the first episode of X-Men too much. It certainly wasn't nearly as bad as Madhouse's other forays into the Marvel universe. Granted this could all fall apart at a moment's notice, especially given that the series has only just begun. As it stands, my biggest concern is Cyclops. He's just so emo that it really grates on my nerves. Other than that, though, the show doesn't look all that bad (YET).

You're over 30's, get over being called it. Or you prefer "mistress" ?

Batman isn't marvel, so i think we won't see him getting animated by madhouse ;)

As far as i am concerned, japan should stop producing these shitty animes, and focus on doing ABOVE EXCELENT animes like they did in the past, with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood , Death Note, Hajime no Ippo, Claymore, Code Geass, GTO, Detroit Metal City, Naturo before the sellout shitty filler episodes (before episode 100) and others and others...

They should stop producing:

One Piece

as they all, obviously sucks by now.

Japan shouldn't import marvel stories/themes, they proved a lot of times they have enough talented people to create original material.

And that is all i want to say :P

I just watched this episode..... and this def has potential.... HOWEVER. This just exemplifies why i HATE cyclops so much. He is the single most annoying character in x-men history. God I wish they killed him and kept Phoenix. or dark Phoenix.... really just i wish she fucking killed him because he is the worst.

Till this day, I still don't understand why everyone gives Wolverine so much credit for X-MEN's popularity. I am sure I am not the only one that watch X-MEN for other characters.

Dear Sir LordHugginton and OBALER, Cyclops has always been a sorry excuse for an emo bastard. He gets on our nerves but I'm just glad that Madhouse didn't change his personality. Otherwise it would have turned out like... the other two. And i wouldn't mind him dying either so maybe that would make them include Gambit and Rogue, clearly one of the best X-Men.

Mistress is fine by me, Thi. It's not far from the truth anyway. LOL kidding. But yeah, I would have rage back in 2009 at the thought of them ceasing those three anime (especially Bleach) but last year, it was just too tiring for me. The quality was shit and the fillers... well... they are just as shitty.

Canne, he even got his own movie, cartoon and anime. That pissed me off more than anything else and perhaps why he's one of my least favorite. Wolverine is overrated.

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