07 April 2011

Bleach: Chapter 443

Chad came while Ichigo was in the fish tank. He wanted to ask Ginjou about Tsukishima's ability. Unfortunately they switched back to Ichigo's training which mean we will learn more about Tsukishima in the next chapter.

Jackie easily destroyed the whatever-swastika-thingy that Ichigo kept tossing at her. All he did up until now is dodging her attacks but still getting hits. He didn't even realized that the water has been absorbed by the dirt and turned to mud. Shit will get messy, according to Jackie. She's using the mud to strengthen her attacks. According to her, all sorts of shit that can makes her boots dirty will work for her "dirty boots". I can't even laugh at how fucking stupid this whole things is.

Question: What happened when there's no shit around to make her boots dirty? Does that mean Jackie won't be able to use her full-bring power? That was pretty useless power in my opinion.

Anyway, she's right about something. Ichigo dilly-dallying won't help him. He is no longer fighting as a shinigami but using his body for real so if he is not careful, he might lost his life and get terribly injured for real. Rukia won't be around to heal his spiritual wounds. Or perhaps he think Inoue can help him? Pfft!

But obviously she's underestimating Ichigo. He is always full of plans. He's the protagonist after all and he can't get his butt kicked in training. He is using his full-bring weakness to his advantage. How? I don't fully grasp it yet.

Just as the chapter came to a closing, suddenly Ichigo's full-bring come to life all on it own. LOL deus ex machina again, Kubo? *shakes head*

I'm not even going to rant for this chapter. Kubo ain't worth it. For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.


Gah, another power burst without proper reason *sigh*

Hah, anyway we can see the real(?) power of Ichigo's fullbring next week ^^

I doubt that Kubo will have something good as an explanation for his power up in the next chapter. This sucks when you know you'll be disappointed even before you read the chapter

I disagree about the "always full of plans."
He rarely has plans and usually just attacks with little-to-no strategy. But I'd like to see it as character growth since he lost his shinigami powers. He's taking more things into consideration now that he doesn't have a honkin' huge sword and sword beams to wave around.
That said, dirty boots are still stupid. I thought she would become an earthbender or something but nope. Stains give you power! >~<

You are making sense. I stand corrected.

Of course Ichigo's full of plans. How else will Kubo fills pages with boring dialogue explaining those plans?

exactly. When I see Ichigo's boring power up, at the back of my mind I am thinking "kubo will have a field day explaining this one *insert roll eyes*"

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