11 January 2011

First Impression: Wolverine

After the phailure of Ironman, I have some reservation for Wolverine as well. I'm afraid that Madhouse will phail me again with the same shit they did with Ironman. When I saw how bishie Logan turned out, I couldn't help myself but laughed out loud at the atrocity of this whole adaptation thingy. Right now, I really think that Madhouse should just let the Americans do their things and stick to what they do best. If this continues, I'm afraid of what might happened to Supernatural. I really hope it is as awesome as the trailer otherwise I'm so gonna rage.

this is perfect
(c) mitsuka yuuya

You know what's even more annoying than having a bishie Logan who looks like a fag? A romantic bishie Logan who looks like a fucking fag. No offense to the gay men out there. I mean, yeah sure he has a thing for Jean Mariko but dammit, at least do it with some class. Gah, listens to me complaining and it's less than 2 minutes in. Oh boy this is going to be quite a ride. They better make up for it with great actions. I expect nothing less than that otherwise this one goes to the recycle bin and will be permanently deleted.

I said that he's a romantic fag, wasn't I? I didn't expect that the story will actually revolve on his love life. Jeebus, and it wasn't even a good story. It was fucking cliche. Dating your enemy's daughter who engaged to a douche? That's so 90's.

This show has nice instrumental OP. Same with the ED, which I think is pretty epic and captured the essence of the show. What I like most however is the BGM. Unfortunately, I don't care about music to get me to stick around. I don't know any of the seiyuu either. The character designs, arts and animation are typical of Madhouse. I don't like it but I usually ignored it because the interesting story they cooked up for me.

However, I am still unsure about this show. The action during the sword fight was decent but meh I wasn't blown away. I think I will watch another episode and see if Yukio can change my mind. If not for her, I would have dropped this and be done with it. I expect Yukio to deliver.

art & animation 6/10
story 5/10
characters 5/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6/10


I couldn't stand two consecutive episodes of ironman. guess i won't handle two of these either.

I got a feeling that I won't be tolerating the rest of the episodes too =\

yikes!! not again, why do they insist on turning these great comic book characters into sub-standard anime imitations, leave this stuff to the americans, its one of the things they do well, comic book adaptations, personally, anime and american comic books, dont belong in the same sentence. Here is hoping that they dont ruin supernatural =\

My sentiment exactly. Even if they were lazy coming up with a story, they shouldn't make this shit this terribad.

Has nothing to do with anything but this is you:

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