15 April 2011

7 Years of Love

We have met for 7 years
Nobody knew we would say goodbye this easily
but we did break up
Memories of our arguments remained for a long time.

I don't know how we expected to see each other
when we were so young
because we couldn't help ourselves from changing.
They say it's painful when you say "goodbye"
but we couldn't even feel that.
We told ourselves calmly "that's just how it is".

I cried ~

As time passed at my own
regretting and missing you
looking at myself with different heart.
First as friends
Next as lovers.
It's true what they say
when you break up that "it's hard to stay as friends".
Still after that for 3 years
we kept in touch once in a while.

Even though I fell in love again with another person
I always called you when I was sad
Just crying silently.
Telling you "you need to meet a good person too"
when I didn't really mean it.
Telling myself for nothing "that maybe he still like me".

I know ~

We were both really innocent
that we can't have that kind of love again
that it will only remain as memories.

But once in a while
I feel a cold feeling from you
but I know very well there's nothing that I can do now.

Hearing your word "I'm getting married now"
for a while I was speechless.
And then I cried.
They were your last words to me
but "I love you" were the only words I wanted to hear.


great poem, beautiful song.

breaking up for me is forever...

sometimes, living in the past is the only available option.

but we all have to recover from the loss one day, and ultimately move on...

"There is nothing wrong in going along with the flow, as long as you walk forward..." - This last sentece i borrowed from the anime - Nana

It is only recently that I realized I will always be in love with this jerk. Such is life I guess. I want to move on but I don't think I can. Not yet anyway or maybe I just haven't found someone who can makes me smile/laugh like he can.

Beautiful and sad. Try to stay positive as hard as that is.

Thanks Yi. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's staying positive :)

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