10 April 2011

First Impression: Sengoku Otome - Momoiru Paradox

It's another show after Rio! Rainbow Gate that take after a pachinko game. By the way, my status on Rio is still unknown. If you have no clue why I still watch that crap, it's because Glo dared me to complete it and I took up the challenge. So tell me what's your status with Rio, Glo.

Alright back to Battle Girls. I usually made my decision on what anime to watch based on it's genre. As you might already know, I will stay clear of anything ecchi and clearly (from the poster) that this show will be fulled of fanservice. However, I have decided to actually give this one a chance.

Substance > reputation/genre.

I have no freaking clue what this show is all about because I don't play games. From the title, one can tell that it's supposed to be an action show. I am worried that this might end up like Queens Blade (thanks Bass, 2DTeleidoscope, Caraniel and ScorchNRoses) and I'm only 47 seconds in. Gah, I need to stop making assumptions.

This show will evolve around Hideyoshi, a lazy high school girl who thinks only of playing instead of studying. One day, she went to a temple to try her luck. Somehow she got transported to different era/dimension. The airhead Hideyoshi met with Mitsuhide and Oda Nobunaga an thought that they were cosplaying. This was the moment when I decided that Hideyoshi was okay as a character. I was ready to slash her out but looks like she wasn't as annoying as I thought. Rather, she's pretty funny.

LOL no you don't. You don't have a fucking clue!

The names seem familiar because it is. Nobunaga and Mitsuhide were part of the Japanese history. What confusing Hideyoshi at the moment was the fact that they are both girls. Since she's stuck there, she will live with them and Nobunaga asked her help of finding the armor so she could conquer the land. She have no clue what she has got herself into.

Turned out that I can tolerate the fanservice in this show. It wasn't done excessively like that of Queens Blade. At least half-way through the episodes, people still have their clothes on. Out of all the characters, Mitsuhide left quite an impression on me. I dunno why, maybe it's her megane, or simply her attitude. I dig her. The other character that I want to know more about is the talking dog.

definitely because of the megane

Heh, who would have thought that this show turned out to be pretty interesting. I am glad I learned something from Ambivalence's post.

Oh by the way, we got to see the seiyuus at the end of the episode. I am not familiar with any of them but it's good to see the faces behind the voices. Besides, they did a good job so far.

arts & animation 6/10
story 6/10
characters 8/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7/10



It's funny that you should mention my status on this show, because just two days ago I started watching it again, and I'm currently completed through episode 6. I'll hopefully finish within the week. I mean it's really short after all.

It's not really even that bad, because it's so stupid it's funny. And the boss has a huge bow tie and large, comical cigar, making him awesome as fuck.

I can't wait to write a review, using the comical boss as a centerpiece to go along with the comical and anatomically incorrect boobs.

Also, Queen's Blade developed into a good plot by the end of season two. GIVE THAT SHIT A CHANCE!!!!

And for someone who doesn't like fanservice, you watch a LOT of shows with fanservice. Really blatant shit too. I actually am not a fan of blatant fanservice at all (that's why I dropped that seikon no qwaser show), yet I still sometimes watch shows.

Agreed with Glo. Queen's Blade is awesome!

looks like you're going to win the challenge Glo. I'm still on episode 4. Unlike you, I can't seem to find anything remotely funny about the shit. No, just because it's stupid, doesn't mean it's funny. It just mean it's fucking annoying. Just thinking about it makes me want to rape. I mean, rage.

I would have given it a chance if the fanservice wasn't too much. Acidic breast milk was kind pushing it too far imo and breats twice the size of your head is considered abnormal to me, which kinda spell CHEAP FANSERSIVE in capital letters.

It's funny that you said I watch fanservice shows. I searched my memory but aside of the yaoi anime, I don't think I watched anything that blatant. I never finish Qwaser. Please name some. And even if I did, I usually ended up hating it like Ikkitousen.

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