04 January 2011

And so it ends: Kuragehime episode 11

For some reason I wasn't in the mood to watch anime after the New Year but I know I have to get out of this slump soon. Since I started with a shitty anime, I thought of making up with Kuragehime final episode. I'm reluctant to watch this to be honest when I saw everyone's reaction but I have to do it sooner or later so let's just do this now.

This is how I felt after watching Starry Sky >>

Looks like Tsukimi has found what she wants to do with her life and that is to create many more jellyfish dresses. Kuranosuke made a mistake of encouraging her so his wardrobe has become the victim of fashion. Chieko and Jiji are clever enough to get out of there before they become the slaves. Unfortunately they don't have anywhere else to go since their house has been sealed up so they went back to Kuranosuke's hoping that he can help them out.

What a sight to behold XD

Little that they know that it was all a big mistake. The construction workers sealed up the wrong house. LOL fuck this, I was ready to kill the bitch. Well, I still am. Even though their house is safe at the moment, the redevelopment is still on going around them so it is only a matter of whether or not they can come up with the money to buy the house. They are working hard with the jellyfish dolls etc.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the afro the dresses that Tsukimi made. The dress was chose for a fashion competition or something and thanks to one of the judges' obsession with afro (in this case Banban's afro), they got selected. Well I'm not taking anything away from Tsukimi's effort. It is a nice looking dress after all and it deserves to win. With that out of the way Tsukimi is now officially a designer.

This is all thanks to Kuranosuke. Thanks to him, even the nunz are better at socializing now. He obviously still pins his feelings unconsciously on Tsukimi and it is fun to see him blushing whenever he sprout the truth only to realize what he said afterward.

cute :3

And fuck me please. I can't believe I was right. The bitch/whore/cunt/slut/skank really did have a change of heart. After that smack on her face, she has a crush on my Shu-shu. Needless to say, I'm not happy with this development. If Shu feels the same way, I am so gonna rage.

To run away from her feeling, the bitch plan to get away and I want to kick the director's ass for putting Shu on the same plane as well. Fuck, however way I see it, it looks like the bitch will get her hands on Shu.

I don't know why people think this episode sucks. I enjoyed it a lot. Sure it left so many things unanswered and with no indication of a second season but I'm truly believe that this is far from over. There are so many unresolved issues:

  • Tsukimi's true feelings. She HAS to choose whether it's the older brother or the younger one
  • Kuranosuke needs to be truthful to his feelings
  • Shu needs to kill the bitch
  • Shu needs to tell the truth about Kuranosuke's mom (that she committed suicide, if I reckoned correctly)
  • the redevelopment issue regarding the nunz's place

I'm looking forward to season two of Kuragehime ^__^


I want more. Not satisfied.

I predicted EXACTLY how the Shuu incident would play out. The skank would eventually soften and fall for Shuu. God I could totally write an anime series.

I have about 8 reviews, so I'm just going to combine them and have a giant review. I'm just waiting to finish Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (which is an AWESOME show), and I'll be done with it.

i havent read any review other that yours, but really? people say this ep sucks?! it was a great! XD

Tsukimi is finally a designer but shes still not ready to handle all of it. i can imagine the craziness she and kuranosuke will have to endure together, which would of course bring them closer together.

and i wanna see Shu beating off that slut with a stick because his heart belongs to Tsukimi. common season 2!

I mostly blame you for the Shuu/Skank union, Glo. I'm bitter about it.

I plan to write reviews on the several of the shows I have finished recently including Occult Academy but I kinda postpone it till today. Would probably never wrote it just like I never wrote a review on Baka to Test and Working!! Having said that, I can't wait to read your opinions about these shows, Glo.

People say it sucks because the lack of closures, I think. Or maybe they were expecting miracles for a show with only 11 episodes.

I'm always right.

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