07 June 2010


No, don't ask me what it is. I have the basic idea but doubt that it will explain any shit. If you want to know about it, go to this site for the info.

Lemme be honest, I wasn't impress with the whole awards thingy because it was judge by some unknown guys on the internet who has no credibility whatsoever as far as I'm concern but have you seen the trailer? The first one especially. The animes in that trailer blow my socks away. So I guess at least they did something right.

And they have done this before apparently. So lets give them A for effort.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2

Trailer #3

The fact that they are combining this award with the live-action films doesn't really sits well with me. In my opinion, they should do the award separately because... *shrugs* eyesedso.

I'm not impressed


Yea I don't get it. One person is doing this? Who cares? You should do your own, I'd think that it would be 29 times better than some chump online.

I knew Eye Sedso was a cool name.

If I'm doing this, I'm dragging you with me. Deal?

Eyesedso is fucking awesome. Whoever thinks of that name is a genius!

This reminds me. I should take the video down from my site. I got an email a while ago asking me to sponsor the ANIMAF thingy by putting a link to the video on my blog. It looked like he put a lot of effort into these and it's always nice to promote others, so I thought, "what the hell."
I promised him to have it up until June, so yea...

Anyways, it does seem to be just one person's opinion though.

I'm with you in that I've never heard about these awards before, but that trailer was absolutely epic. So much action condensed into such a short time period~

I'm definitely not as keen on the live-action portion of the awards, but I guess it seems sort of interesting... perhaps I'll be looking further into this.

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