01 June 2010

Kannagi Special

It is a fact that I am a big fan of Kannagi because of Nagi, and also Jin. Sorta.

This is the unaired special episode of Kannagi that never is only available if you purchase the DVD Vol. 7 of the series. I have it since they first came out. I did a spring cleaning today and found it buried among the new season’s anime. Without wasting anymore time, let’s enjoy the show.

I am a big fan of the OP and still imitates the dance moves whenever I hear the songs. In the OP, they showed that the characters were making a film, or some sort of a commercial featuring Nagi and her step sister, Zange (I almost forgot about her -_-)

Well, guess what, we finally get to see the behind the scenes of that said commercial/film. Or so I thought.

Takako and Shino found one hundred thousand yen on their way to school. What are the chances right? Right. But then again, they have a god with them so anything is possible.

Since they are in the art club, Takako decided that they should make a movie. She who I forgot was a perverted lesbian, quickly gave the leading role to Zange because she seduced her so. What a slut.

They all chipped in an idea of what kind of movie they wanted to make. Somehow Takako managed to include everyone’s idea into making the film or rather Akiba did. Akiba was responsible for the script. He impressed us all when he finished it in 15 minutes time. Like I said, when you have a God with you, anything is possible. Having two Gods around? It would make everything seems so simple!

They started shooting on the weekends. Once again, Akiba stepped up and became the director. I guess only the scrip-writer would know which camera angle is the best for what scene.

The film: Nagi is the justice force while Zange is the evil queen of some outer space dimension. Nagi was just out of prison and has come to rescue Jin. Zange and Nagi had a fight when Tsumugi appeared. She is the thirteenth doll chakra and the source of power for Nagi.

The film was not able to be completed on the same day and somehow they all ended wearing swimsuits. Fanservice is part of film-business nowadays anyway. Heh and Nagi confidently wear hers and doesn’t even care if she is a pettan. This is why I like her so much. She’s someone I can relate too. But either or, Jin got all the glory!

While I'm drooling for the boys ^__^

look at the shiny butt that belongs to Akiba =3

The typhoon (which caused them to change into their swimsuit) was relentless. They stuck in a classroom and the electricity was disconnected.

Jin tripped on a DVD that Akiba lent for the making of the film. It was overdue. Tatako forces him to return it even in the chaotic weather and Akiba being an otaku, took his job as the director seriously. It turned out to be quite a dramatic scene in this special episode.

They should have abandoned the film idea that they have and just shoot whatever they were doing instead. Make it a documentary or something. I don’t care but yeah, it is definitely more interesting. I’m not saying that Akiba’s story aren’t but they were all constrained by the dialogue and other elements, especially the budget.

At the end, the only one left standing was Jin and Nagi (as it should have been). This is the romance that I am talking about. They don’t need to be forced. It happens because it was meant to happen. Fate.

I really like the symbolism that they used. How the rain stopped, and the cloud cleared away in front of them. This is the kind of romance that I crave for, with a twist of course, like that of Mikiya and Shiki.

This episode makes me smiles warmly from start to finish. It reminds me why I like Kannagi in the first place. The character was honest and they don’t exaggerate, except for Zange, sometimes.

A-1 Pictures has once again successfully produced another favorite anime of mine. They are definitely my favorite studios at the moment.

The art is consistent with the rest of the episodes, and Kannagi makes me a fan of Nagi’s seiyuu Haruka Tomatsu . I am already a fan of Hiro Shimono, Jin's seiyuu, ever since I found out that he's the same guy that does the voice Tajima of Oofuri.

I hope they’ll have a second season and the manga will continue. I mean, I am dying to know what happens when they revealed in the last chapter of Kannagi that Nagi has a boyfriend not too long ago. It created uproar because the fandom all thought that they were cheated, that Nagi is no longer a virgin. I chuckled at the fanatics. Seriously? Though I must say that it ruined the moment for me because if Zange didn’t interfere, Jin would have confessed to Nagi. But then again, wouldn’t that mark the end of Kannagi? I certainly don’t want that to happen. So I guess the drama was necessary.

Jin is so ~nyoron =3

Shit, they should have update the manga like NIAO!!

Art 10/10
Story 9/10
Character 10/10
Sound 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 10/10


Story would've been a 10/10 if they had a little more of the fake Shizuru.

is it a shoujo or a shounen ?
i couldn't figure it out ...

It's a shounen. The story does not evolved around the romance of Jin and Nagi.

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