03 June 2010

Bleach: Chapter 406

Those who have seen the spoilers were like OMIGOSH! in their Facebook status so I was wondering if this week chapter is something so great, I might be jizzing in my pantsu.

The Getsuga Tenshou that Isshin used provided some nice fireworks display at best. Seriously though, I am getting sick of Aizen escaping from all the attack unscathed. WTF is Kubo thinking? I know that he's supposed to be Godly and all that shit but setting up the par this high, it's like he's digging his own fucking grave. If Aizen's end is nothing but epic, he better be prepared to eat his own grilled dick, is all I'm saying.

Looks like Aizen is no longer a solid entity. The inside of this condom/tampon is hollow. I don't fucking know what is going on anymore and I am not sure if I even care. Aizen/Kubo has seriously turn this whole arc into one big joke.

Thank goodness that he switched to Gin and Ichigo's fight after that. Gin is still taunting Ichigo with his words. Oh how manipulative. How so evil of him =3

Ichigo surprisingly was so easy to manipulate too. Not that I blame him. After what I've seen, it looks like fighting Aizen is a lost cause.

I mean, just as it was about to get interesting, the condom appeared again. I guess the three of them (Isshin, Urahara and Yourichi) are pretty much useless at the moment. So the only one left standing is Ichigo? ZOMG this is bullshit.

When I thought that all hope is lost, Aizen throw this bit of news at us. I must admit that I went on a fangirl mode when I read that, although I think it was rather stupid of him to not cut down and kill Ichigo on the spot.

Oh yeah, I forgot that he's our beloved protagonist. Forgive me.

They are going to create the Key in Soul Society. *sigh* they are completely ignoring Ichigo at the moment, although he did promised to return so that he can eat him afterward. I feel sorry for the boy.

Aizen's new hairdo. Seems like having a long hair is becoming a trend

Ah crap! I spoke too soon! Dammit!

I am not thrill with the idea that Soul Society can only be saved by these two lads here. It all sound like one big cock shit.

This may very well be the turning point for Bleach. Either it will go suicidal after this, or keep us on our toes with every new chapter. Please don't kill the few tiny hopes that I have left, Kubo. I beg of you =(

As for this chapter, I am definitely not jizzing in my pantsu. More like pissing myself off with the turn of event.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


Aizen didn't kill Ichigo because Ichigo "Understands Aizen's power"... whatever that means.

Also, I made a prediction post a LONG time ago...


(may 2, 2009)

and i had this sentence in it:

This will then set up for a season 2, with the Shinigami as outcasts. And It will be their turn to revolt against Aizen and try to take back Soul Society.

I'm still praying that happens. And it might be possible. I def think Aizen will make they key and find the king. That'll be very interesting.

If oballer's prediction comes true, then here's to another 400 chapters of Bleach.

...Aizen came so hard on the first page (dude, that white stuff took up the entire page!) that his amorous secretions burst through his condom... I mean, dude, there's a huge frikkin’ hole at the business end of it... O_O

(Good job at subtlety, Kubo...)

So much for the people who thought Gin would die. He walked all over Ichigo just by talking these past few chapters away. I don't think there has been a more pathetic moment for our now useless protagonist in the span of the entire manga. Go Gin!

(You'd think Ichi would be immune to words by now, after all the talk-stomping he got from Aizen... oh well...)

HAHAHA, EVERYONE got defeated instantly off-screen. How sad. Urahara & Yoruichi just got tossed in with the Espada, Captains, and Vizards as members of Kubo's pile of characters who are really, really strong, but got effortlessly trollololed by Aizen. -_-

LOL at Aizen's order to Gin: "Open a Senkai Gate"... Aizen could have just waited in Hueco Mundo until he went condom-mode, and then opened the senkai gate to sneak directly into Soul Society, thereby ignoring the captains and vizards who were chillin' in FKT, rendering this entire arc pointless busywork... (Aizen did it for the lulz!...?!?!)

It seems that after his orgasm on the first page, Aizen disrobed from his now used condom. Condom!Aizen has evolved into L’Oreal!Aizen, because he’s worth it!™

Couldn’t Aizen have picked a better word to use instead of “eat”... he's going to “eat” Ichigo? Now he’s like the most ero-villain ever, as if he wasn’t already. >_>

If Yammy ends up defeating Bya-kun,
Ken-chan, and Mayuri~~~n at Hueco Mundo, all is probably lost. Aizen just demonstrated that the team of Base!Isshin, ArmoredShunko!Yoruichi, and Shikai!Urahara are all nothing compared to his holiness, so, unless Isshin plans on releasing in REAL!Karakura-Town, just him and Ichi won’t make any difference at soul society (father-son getsuga tensho ftw!). If anything, Unohana should heal the two of them, then Ura, Yoru, and the other elites (Kyoraku, Ukitake, Hirako), so they can go as a single super-team and try to hold back the new sex-god that is Aizen! (That hair! That expression! Those eyes! Those clothes!) Uh-oh.

I can't believe how much Bleach has sucks over these past 2 years. It makes me sad :(

L’Oreal!Aizen™ LMAO

I'm also sick of Aizen always coming out of battles smug and unscathed. The first time Kubo Tite did it, it was surprising, it was powerful, and it was awesome. It showed Aizen's true power. After 29 times though, it's just lazy and boring. I was rolling my eyes this whole chapter.

I think Gin has something up his sleeve though. He might be a good guy after all.

That's what I wanted to hear Yi. Thank you.

Gin is =3

Somebody should count how many times Aizen has said something along the lines of 'that all you got? You'll need much more to defeat me'. The numbers would probably be astronomically astounding, like counting the number of 'the's in a book.

Anyhow, whether it be Kubo or not, I'm now seeing this trend of long hair = fabulous = more powerful. Isn't that what happened to Sasuke, too, right off the top of my head?

I did the counting when the whore chanted Kurosaki-kun. I'm sure the number of Aizen said something along those lines are less than the whore chanting.

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