13 May 2010

Bleach: Chapter 403

Tsk. I had a minor surgery today thus I'm this late reading this chapter. I am not happy about it but the morphin kinda knocked me unconscious the whole day >_>

First of all, don't you think Gin kinda looks like Ichigo in this panel?

Gah, I have so much love for this man, you have no idea! I want to have his babies.

And I'm glad that Urahara isn't like any other moron who think they have finished Aizen off with attack of that magnitude. He even warned them not to slack off just yet and sure enough Aizen made a reappearance.

I dunno why Ichigo was so surprised when he see the new look though. Aizen was slowly transforming since the last couple of chapters. Ichigo should really pays more attention to what is going on around him.

My reaction to Aizen new look? Hmm... why do I feel indifference towards it? It didn't wow me. It looks sleek but I think I still prefer him with the glasses. Oh wait, that was so 4 years back. I can't wait to see this get animated. Maybe that will make me more excited? Meh, I doubt it.

He still has his diarrhea habit though so at least some things NEVER change.

Urahara went offensive, Benihime at the ready. Aizen of course just snickered at his futile attempt and stopped Isshin backstabbing with ease. Oh but they did not attack Aizen without a plan it seems since they both have Aizen's hand and leg in chain. Can you guess why?

Yeah, I was slightly surprised when Yourichi appeared. That was unexpected. Well, not really but I didn't expect her to appear in this fight! Jeebus, I want to see Urahara having fun with Aizen one-on-one. But alas...

I stopped myself from facepalming when Yourichi started to think that she has wounded Aizen. Does no one ever learn?! Aizen is the fucking God in this series. He's the fucking Kubo! No one can harms him!

All they did was just pissing Aizen off. Not a good thing to do. Tch tch tch...

So yeah that was it? I feel like the 19 pages of this week's chapter just breezed through me. I dunno whether its excitement or the morphin taking it effect once again. As you can see my brain ain't functioning really well atm. So I'm gonna signed off.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I'm not in love with Aizen's design.

Yoruichi showing up was actually fun for me.

And Urahara is the only person who's smart enough to know when the job isn't done. That's why we love him.

i wish these chapters were longer. I feel like not much happened this chapter. Thats pretty much all i have to say about it.

True indeed Yi. I wasn't a fan of him at first but gradually he's showing such awesomeness that I don't have any other choices but to succumb to his greatness.

Oh wait we are not talking about Aizen :P

And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feel like this chapter is kinda feels... empty? *shrugs*

Ohhhh man! Been way too long since we've seen Ms. Yoruichi...what's weird is that she has an inexplicable skimpier outfit and armor on legs and arms...what's up with that?
SURGERY?! What happened to you?!

Mangaka seem to have a habit of pulling stuff out of the blue on me. Now it's no wonder why Tousen died so quickly. It's because he didn't use "protection" on top of his mask. I'm glad to see that Kubo supports safe sex. Condom Aizen FTW! ^_^ ... <.< ... -_-

Yoruichi is back, now with a new stripperific outfit and fetish fuel armor plating everywhere except where it counts. >.>

(Was the focus on her reproductive area REALLY that necessary? I mean, fanservice can be nice, but it took up HALF A PAGE in a relatively short chapter)

Unfortunately(?) the power of Yoruichi spreading her legs without Shunko is absolutely no match for Full-Body-Condom-Aizen. O_O

[Why hell did she think that she could kill Super-God-Mode-Aizen(in a condom) without shunko when she couldn't even kill base Yammy without it, and even damaged her left arm and leg at that time...?!]

Aizen looks like Jason Voorhes from the Friday 13th franchise on the last page...

Sorta short-ish chapter, not much plot advancement too, for that matter.

The battle now seems kinda hopeless without the Deus-ex-Machina that is Yamamoto Genryusai, and everyone will probably die unless Ryuken (Uryu's dad), as well as Tessai (the shop assistant) arrive, followed shortly by the bankai usage of everyone who is still standing, conscious, and can perform bankai. That, OR Shunsui Kyoraku gets up and stabs Aizen with his swords of lol-what-armor and lol-what-reiatsu.



That shot of Gin might as well have been a frowing Hollow Ichigo, for all Kubo cared.


Her aside, I think the design of Aizen pretty much sums of Kubo's usual design and panel composition: lazy

What's up with the skimpier outfit? I believe it was Urahara's doing, to satisfy his manly desire. I bet it was made out of leather XD

But yeah, I prefer the old outfit.

LOL thanks Darwin for putting the condom idea inside of my head. Now when I see yaoi, I will picturing Aizen entering the anal. ZOMG trauma!

I never have that much faith in Yourichi to begin with so I absolutely know that her attempt will only lead to phailure. *shrugs* The purpose of her appearance is for the fanservice only.

The old fuck is dead. End of story.

The only way to defeat Aizen now is by.... fuck I absolutely has no idea. He is invincible!

*shakes my head at Kubo* what have you done. You have pretty much dug your own grave.

I pretty much cannot look at Aizen's new look with a straight face, because my friends and I spent a good long time riffing at it. Ink's expensive, and since Aizen seems like he's going to be around for a long time, kubo's finally decided to draw him into the background.

Well, seeing how the guy is transforming, and this looks much too much like a pupa-stage, he's probably going to look different again soon.

And it seems kubo took a level in anatomy; Yoruichi's pelvic area is pretty detailed.

Hehehe I love it how everyone is making fun of Aizen's new look. Plan back-fired eh Kubo? But I agree, this is not his full release yet.

I wonder how did he breath, or see for that matter...

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