14 May 2010

Kauchou no Koi

I realized there is a yaoi OVA that I haven't watch yet and has been sitting in my HD quietly waiting to be discovered. Kauchou no Koi is an one episode OVA released by aarinfantasy (who else, right?)

As expected the quality if the animation is disastrous. Most of yaoi get that kind of treatment I guess. It was a pity really. But then again, it felt like they are purposely making this OVA looks like this. Is it part of it's charm? *shrugs* but it works.

Anyway, this OVA is about Otokara who is sexually attracted to men and was being obvious with his attraction however he vehemently denied that he is gay. Apparently he has a bad experience as a child (no, not THAT kind of bad experience) where his first crush ran away with another man after he was being sexually abused. Fucking LOL. So that's how Otokara has been living in denial ever since.

One day, one of his employer confessed that he is in love with Otokara ever since he massaged his butt at their first meeting. LOL Love at first butt massage? It took that, and a letter from his mother to make him realized that he really is gay.

Obviously he and Harada get along fine after that and Otokara stopped being so coy about it and embraced his gayness in the open. But he is still not convinced that he's gay. LOL fucking what?!

Then somehow this turn to incest when Otokara adopted Harada. For fuck's sake, for what?! Oh yeah, Harada was being a bitch and said that he's lonely without a family. It was all so obvious, wasn't it? *shakes my head*

Ah man, this OVA is so fucked up. They even has an online tele-show where they are trying to sell Aniki-1. What is Aniki-1? It's an erotic full size men doll that comes with different under hair and different sizes for the pen0r as well. LOL I wonder if this little advertisement is valid?

They also have a underwear guessing game. Again, fucking what?!

This is officially the stupidest yaoi OVA I have ever seen.

animation 4/10
story 4/10
sound 4/10
characters 4/10
enjoyment 4/10
overall 4/10


this sounds pretty awesome.

the humor was funny at first but quickly turned stale after that

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