15 May 2010

Dropping shit

No this post has nothing to do with yaoi. It just that I love the fanart from Futatsu so much that I just have to put it up as my profile picture at facebook as well as a place to store it in my blog. So I have picked this post just because I can.

Damn, that is so fucking hot @_@

The true reason behind this post is to highlight anime that I will be dropping. I barely have time to catch up on my weekly Spring anime so since we have reached half of the season, I decided to drop a few. It was a no brainer to know what goes and what stays.

Not that you guys need to know. I just need to post something up because I am too fucking bored. I have been sitting all alone in this office since morning while my colleagues are having a field day outside. They said I just had my surgery and I need to chill and relax.

Fine. I'll watch some anime and abandoned all work then.

Urgh there I go deviating again. Lets do this

B Gata H Kei

I'm not a fan of ecchi and after two episodes, I don't think this show is appealing at all for my taste. I admit it has some funny moments but the overall story is kinda predictable. I need to be surprised so that I can ignore the ecchi and focus on the story. B Gata H Kei phailed to do that. So I'm dropping this one until further notice.

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

This is a shoujo so my brain kinda rejects it right away. After one episode, I seriously wanted to puke because the lack of humor. I mean it's not like I have never completed shoujo series before. I enjoyed Lovely Complex because the humor and the story were fresh. It was anything that Kaichou wa Maid-sama isn't. Usui was cool I guess but even his charm phailed to keep me interested. Next!

These two are definitely in the dropping zone. As for these other few anime, it's not like I dislike them or anything it just I don't have the time to catch up. So I figure I will wait until they are complete then I'll do a marathon on the series.


I like this kind of series. It has me on the edge and makes me reach out to the characters. Sadly I have only seen one episode of Rainbow and that is unacceptable. Besides watching this in one go, imo, will be more fun. It's like "get this over with already" but in the good way. Just like when I read the Sleepers. I can't wait for it to finish because it was just so emotionally disturbing. That's why it's good.

Senkou no Night Raid

Another series that I enjoyed when I first take a look at it but it took so long to update with new episodes that others have taken priority. I might still watch this when I finally caught up with my Spring anime though because I am so damn interested with Aoi. Besides it promised good action and possibly blood.

So basically I am still watching lots of the Spring anime. Surprisingly I'm not dropping Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and thinks that Angel Beats is the most entertaining so far (not including Ookiku Furikabutte and Giant Killing, obviously). Arakawa has lost some of its original charm imo but they are still good. There's no way I'm dropping it. The same goes for Working!! What about K-ON!!? Hmm, I feel like dropping the shit but I need something that I can rant on. Heroman alone will not enough to do the job. I will continue to watch Hakuouki because they reminds me of my two favorite anime and manga: Gintama and Amatsuki. They are full of bishie anyway.

I have yet to watch Uraboku, Tatami Galaxy and The House of Five Leaves though. Damn.

On the side note, I just found out that Danny Choo is opening an office in Kuala Lumpur and needs a web developer for his company. Not that I endorsed DC but I think this is a good opportunity for those with such talent to be working in such company. And is Jimmy Choo lives in KL now? =\


The first two series you dropped are two of my favorites. Just throwing it out there.

I am fully aware of that fact, Glo.

I'm planning to collect all Night Raid and marathon it when I have all the episodes.

When u said, "dropping shit", i would asume u'd finally get a break from shitty naruto,bleach, one piece, kon!!, heroman et cetera...

Nothing wrong with yaoi, but i never have ever crossed this border in my life, so i tend to keep a distance, just in case a cross this forbiden line and start to like it ;)

On a sidenote and btw, i too used to watch anime in office, but that is a dawm hard thing to acomplish nowdays...

I wonder why I did not drop Heroman and K-ON other than the shitty excuse of need something to rant about.

I couldn't find an answer =\

Maybe I'm a masochist? *shrugs*

If you happened to like yaoi, isn't that refreshing? You get to embrace your new sexual desire XD

At my old work place, I got to influence my minions to watch the anime with me. At this new place however, they aren't as much fun >_>

Guh, Klux, that was a little uncalled for, that first image. Ningyo's kryptonite. Maybe a heads up? I guess that was the point of not having it, huh...

Anyways, looks pretty much like my dropped list. Except I might be getting to Rainbow. And I seem to have unknowingly dropped BH.

I was just about to pick up B Gata H Kei mostly because it's premise is so different.

*chuckles at Ningyo* My source of power is your Kryptonite? Awesome >=3

and Yi, B Gata H Kei isn't special. It's basically a shoujo.

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