12 May 2010

Bleach: Episode 270

I was actually stoked to watch this week episode because I expect the quality to be top notch. Hopefully the production team will not disappoint me. As long as I can get the quality like when Byakuya was fighting Kouga, I'm content.

Lemme say that I love the Spanish guitar playing in the background when they focus on Ulquiorra releasing his Murcielago. That was totally awesome.

So yeah, compared the above image from the manga with the anime scene. Totally different vibe no? Or it just me being picky with the production team. I guess I was just trying to convince those who is yet to read the manga to spoil themselves silly and start reading it. They'll discover a whole new world. Is it a good one, or a bad one? Well they just have to decide for themselves, right?

I silently chuckled when Ichigo thought that he can read Ulquiorra's movements. I was surprised when he reconstructed his mask though. I must have missed that in the manga because I was too stoked for Ulquiorra. Interesting... so now he has the power to rejuvinate his hollow powers whenever he can. Ulquiorra was right, his hollow power is increasing though still raw. It does annoys me however when his Getsuga Tensho gets more dramatic with each uses. Thank goodness it has zero effect on the released Ulquiorra.

Ichigo's hollow mask was completely shattered when Ulquiorra used the Cero Oscuras on him. Heh, his expression was priceless. Ulquiorra was basically kicking him around for fun. I had a fangasm fit. Who would have thought that I have so much fun seeing Ichigo having his ass kicked. Only Ulquiorra can do that. And Gin ^^

*giggles* please do!

Oi holy fuck?! Did Ulquiorra used his resurrection Segunda Etapa this fucking early?! Why do I feel like this whole shit is rushed? =\

Again, I feel like the moment in the manga when it his resurrection was revealed was more intense compared to the anime.

Like I said in my previous comment, I think Ulquiorra is (living in denial) the strongest espada alive. Didn't he say he's the only espada who has developed the second release form and even Aizen didn't know of it? That's something that you need to be impressed about.

ZOMG! *faps*

I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw Ichigo's shocked expression when Ulquiorra attacked him from the side while he was anticipating an attack from the front. Ichigo tried to use his hollow power but it was in vain. Ulquiorra is just made of pawnsome.

I know what is going to happen next but was hoping that they don't rush this fucking shit. I mean, all of these crammed into one episode? What the fuck?! Can't wait to fucking get rid of Ulquiorra do you, mothafuckas?!

There is definitely and Ishida/Inoue moment in this episode. Unfortunately the whore is too fucking dense to realize this and thus all Ishida's effort to impress her goes to waste.

Whore-hime "kurosaki-kun" chant this episode (1) + from previous episodes (5) = 6. Prepare to get to totally annoyed with her chant in the next episode *is dreading it*.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

p/s: I'm not even gonna touch on the whore being so mothafucking annoying in this episode. You can be the judge of how useless the whore is. Really. A person doesn't need a brain to conclude that fact.


miss Budak Kelawar ni..i think i'll start believing that he still alive.. ^^"

i was completely shocked that he used his second release this early.... and i'm trying to remember the manga but i feel like it was much later.

anyways... he looks BAD ASS regardless. pumped.

me too Sahar. Me too. Especially with the rumors that he might be coming back ^^

however hard I tried, I still think that the manga makes him looks (actually makes all the characters look) more bad ass.

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