12 February 2010

Anime: Spring 2010 v2

Yes, version 2. The better one from chartfag.

This one made my day. I am already interested in RAINBOW and House of Five Leaves just by reading the synopsis. Senko no Night Raid does not look to bad either but I'm not sure about the whole Shang-hai mafia business. One more anime that I think falls under the dark theme/mystery/histological category is of course Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan. The synopsis kinda make it sounds like a female version of Shrek though =\

On to the shounen/action anime. The first one on the list is Ironman. That's definitely something to look forward to, a collaboration between Marvel and Madhouse. The animation looks slick enough to pique my interest. Heroman kinda reminds me of X'amd. Get this though. It's another collaboration. This time of Stan Lee and Bones. I already liked Stan Lee's collaboration with Hirayuki Takei in Ultimo. So this hopefully is something very promising for my taste. Besides, X'amd is cool. And I can't call myself a Gundam fans so I wouldn't know what are the fans reaction on SD Gundam Sangokuden. I am still going to check it out though. Chibi Gundam is cute ^^

Here comes the sports, sequels and none-moe category. I am a huge fan of Ookiku Furikabutte so obviously the sequel is on top of my list. Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei looks promising. A nameless protagonist? Heh, awesome. Not to mention the art style. It definitely pops up. I am going to watch Arakawa under the Bridge just because it looks so retard and because it is from Shaft. APH season 3, lol will it ever going to end? Giant Killing reminds me of One Outs and Oofuri. I will check it out but not sure if I'll follow it week to week. Also I is overly excited for Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitte Iru. Have you seen the synopsis? A promise of yaoi AND incest! w00t!!

Let see the moe/slice of life category that I am probably going to watch. I start it off with Working! I dunno why but I think I'm going to like the show. I might be wrong though. Then there's Angel Beats because one of my anime friends is damn excited about it. I have never watch Da Capo but I have all the DVDs so I might download the show for future watch. This is the show fifth season if I'm not mistaken. Didn't know it was so famous. The same goes for Ikkitousen (still regret my decision to buy the DVD). I haven't seen the third season so I'm gonna download this just because. K-ON 2. Don't ask. Last but not least is Yutari-chan because the "first anime disributed by e-mail" tag intrigued me.

Shows that I want to avoid but will still check it out because I am a tard are the ecchi shit: Kiss x Sis, Mayoi Neko Overun!, Kaicho wa Maid-sama!, B Gata H Kei and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou.

Since I don't follow Major, Shin Koihime Musou, Bakugan and Ring ni Kakero, these four will not be on my list. Hime-chen! won't be on it either because it looks stupid.

Let's move to the OVA and Specials. BRS is going to be release and let see if the hype match the quality of the OVA. The other one I look forward to is Ai no Kusabi the remake. Is so turn on atm especially with a title such as Sex Pistol. hahahahaha

So any of these anime are of interest to you?


I'm going to go ahead and say not to watch kiss x sis. I actually read (or am reading) the manga, and it's funny at points (mainly the ridiculous kind of funny aka so stupid it's funny [but it's supposed to be like that])....but after I almost watched half of that OVA, I have determined that the animated version is abolute trash.

I'm going to watch Ironman! and probably B Gata H Kei, because it might appeal to my side that likes perverted humor. If not, I will drop it as I did Chu Bra. I might check out the SHAFT one too. Who knows. I don't pick up shows like I used to.

Ookiku Furikabutte (season 1) is still on my to-watch list. I might pick it up after I finish Kampfer (most likely tomorrow, as I am tired).

the alarm in my head went off when I read the synopsis of B Gata H Kei XD

I think it could be funny, because rarely do you see an anime where the main girl is trying to be the world's biggest slut.

Hmmm, you have a point there. As long as they don't use too much fanservice and focus on the comedy, then maybe it could turn out to be quite good.

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