06 April 2010

My trip to Malaysian GP 2010

As some of you might have known, I was away during the weekend to watch the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2010. For those who failed geography, the Malaysian GP is held every year at the Sepang International Circuit, which is approximately around 350km from Johor Bahru, which is where I am from.

The trip started out on Friday morning. This year I did not travel up north alone. Wandi was kind enough to keep me company so at least I won't get too sleepy while driving and ended up getting a speeding tix, which what always happened every year.

The original plan was to go to Sepang Circuit on Friday to pick up my tickets for the weekend however since Wandi has some work related matter that he has to attend, the plan was canceled and we proceeded with plan B which was to send Wandi to Times Square. We arrived just in time for his presentation. Thank goodness for my driving skill? LOL

Wandi and I parted ways as I went to my sister's house and he to his sister's. We won't meet again until Sunday for the race. I spent my Friday night catching up with my friends in Kuala Lumpur.

I have to make a short trip to KL Sentral on Saturday too get the parking ticket for the weekend entrance the race track. This was the first time I was so freaking messed up with my itinerary. Ended up late for the date with my old flame but we weren't too late to arrive at the circuit for Heidfeld's interview. That made my day. I have missed him and totally forgot that he was the third driver for Mercedes Petronas. Thanks Farhana for reminding me. After some serious shopping (I am dead broke now. I appreciate anyone who wants to support me XD), we proceeded to our seats at the Tower for the qualifying. And whadda ya know... it was raining!! I was happy with the condition coz it threw off the grid positions, like rain always does. McLaren and Ferrari ended up at the back of the grid while Webber, Rosberg and Vettel occupied the top three position for tomorrow's race. Schumacher was 8th.

Hamilton sliding in the wet

I was wet for a whole lot of different reasons that day ^_^

On Sunday, I met up again with Wandi and went to pick up my bestfriend and her husband at Putrajaya. The five of us (she brought her bro-in-law) head over to the track. We were already late as it was.

We came just in time for the air show but we missed the drivers' parade. Goddammit not again! The same thing happened the year before last. *sigh*

I also managed to meet up a couple of fellow anime bloggers from Malaysia: Misao and Linkin. It was nice to finally put a face to the name ^_^

The race itself started at 4pm after the national anthem. Speaking of national anthem, there were these three assholes who were sitting in front of us. When everyone stood up to show their respect (even the foreigners, God bless them), these three assholes did not make an attempt to stand up. We were furious. I am sure the rest of the Malaysian who saw these three morons felt the same way too. I am -> || close from kicking their heads. I hate people like that /rant.

the guy with the Ferrari cap in front of me was one of the morons

The race was okay, plenty of over taking and car's problems too. Michael was one of the earlier retirement that day. The most intense battle was between Alonso and Button for seventh place. Unfortunately, with just 2 laps to go, right after Alonso attempted to overtake Button, his engine gave out and he was out of the race. I am glad to report that Hamilton only finished 5th. Vettel was the champion that day with his team mate came in second. Rosberg secured the 3rd place and what a popular third place it was since he's driving for Mercedes PETRONAS. What a long way to go for Petronas, since its debut with Sauber. Me is so proud.

My favorite driver: Felipe Massa finished 6th and secured the top of the list for WDC. I left the racing track with a big smile on my face. I was contented. And happy, for a whole lots of different reasons too XD

Just as planned, Wandi and I decided to head straight back home and we arrived around 1am. As I write this, I am a pinch darker and still sore from all the walking and traveling and what not ;)

Oh but what a great weekend it was!


My alarm clock didn't work. I got up late and missed the race, drat (live in US). Sounds like so much fun. My dad went to a few Moto GP races over at the Shah Alam circuit in the early nineties. I admit to be envious of him, and now of you.

I don't think the track in Shah Alam exist anymore. But yeah, I've been to the Malaysian GP since they first opened it. 12 years now. How time flies...

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