12 March 2010

Ability Shop

I'm bored. Instead of doing my work, I'm reading one shot manga and at the same time try not to get caught doing it. I picked Ability Shop at random since it has the shounen tag on it. (spoilers ahead)

Ability Shop is about an inept boy who can't do anything right. He was bullied by his peers and pressured by the adults. One day as he walked back home from school, he broke a sign of this one peculiar shop. Not knowing that the journey up the stairs would change his life forever, he took one step at a time, trying to apologize and let the owner of know that it was an accident.

The owner, a neko girl however has something else in store for him. You see, this shop sells abilities. The payment is the customer's remaining lifespan. The bigger the abilities, more lifespan will be taken away.

Since he did not believe her, he tried with the ability to study since he has an exam on the next day. The neko girl took out a register and make the sales legal and took 3 years off of his life for that purchase.

He felt giddy with all the praises he received so he went back and kept purchasing one ability after the other. He becomes cocky and depends on the store. He totally lost his shit.

That is of course until the girl of his dream made him realize how far gone he is. Cliche plot FTW? I won't read this if its become a series manga unless they introduce some really hot male protagonist.

art 7/10
story 6/10
character 6/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 6/10


Yea, the ending was kind of a let down. I mean, I wanted something other than:

"well you used the rest of your life to help someone so everything is reset. I hope you learned your lesson!"

That's just poopy. The kid should have just died.

Are you sure that's a cat girl? Not just a gal with funny hair that look like ears?
With the manga world being what it is, I don't think this thing's got anything new to bring to the table: payment of lifespan? Death Note already did that. and what exactly is in stock at the shop anyway? Would they have the kind of crazy abilities that could top the bizarreness of One Piece abilities? Highly doubt it.

Thanks for telling us the ending glo.
At least it was only a one-shot. Now if only you could tell me the ending of Naruto.

lol at Ningyo. What else that you haven't know? Naruto and Saygay will make lots of babies..... euwww forgot that I said that. I don't want to imagine Sasgay pregnant. Fuck. I should stop.

@VIP, imagination has no boundary. Only lazy people will reuse material. That's why this one got the lower score.

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