14 March 2010

Nendoroid Mio Akiyama

I have got this figure since 2 months back together with the Vocaloid puchis. I am so freaking lazy with figures review for some reason. That is why it took this long for me to upload these photos which was taken a month back. This is going to be a text book review.

Standard nendo box. I don't like the blue though. Maybe that's why I have no mood to review her? *shrugs*

There ya go! The only reason I bought the K-ON! nendos was because of the equipments. I can't resist the cute bass guitar or the guitar strap or the amp. Besides the equipments, Nendo Mio comes with several hands, a leg and 3 different facial expressions.

her straight face

her moe face >_>

her excited face

I like that they get the hair right. I also like the uniform. It's pretty flexible and honestly I would love to wear this sort of uniform back in school. Unfortunately Malaysia has stupid dress code for a school uniform.

What I don't like about this nendo is that she can't stand on her own. She needed the support from the stand to stand upright. Since I have yet to figure out how to use the stand properly, I have trouble keeping her standing straight. She is not stable at all ^_^

I have a thing for a bass player. With their hands caressing the long neck, I think they are just damn cool. I have yet to take her any where else. She has been sitting in my display case since she arrived. It would be just too much trouble bringing her along since I have to bring the stand too. I'll just wait for her friends to arrive for a group photo shoot.

Speaking of which, Yui, Drossel and Death Note puchis are still in their boxes -__-

Oh by the way, I did not forget to take the most important part of Mio that has become her trademark.


Oh there, that's what I was here for.
So it's the straight face, and the yuri face. I get it now. Like your use of the word caressing.
My old uniform in HK consisted of white pants and a green-dark green checkered shirt...

top heavy little ones lol ahh to use to stand you just slide it up back there... XD there should be ridges on it that line up with the skirt, if that makes any sense at all.

i think Mio turned out good in nendo form, like the little instruments.

lol Ningyo, distracted by the pantsu?

And yep, that's why I purchased the nendo and not the figma, rockleelotus. The equipments are just too cute =3

Thanks for the tips btw. I'll try it out =D

Aw... so cute. I really like Mio.
Her moe face looks more like her climax expression. Well, I guess that's moe.

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