09 February 2010

Ladies vs Butler: Episode 4 & 5

Anyone else thinks Celnia's voice is annoying as hell, and so fake? =|

In episode 4, they introduced Haydeh and I like her for she does not hesitate to slice the throat of Hino. How these two met? Well, Hino came upon Haydeh's mistress Ayse while she was changing. As her servant it is Haydeh's duty to wait for her mistress to tell her to end Hino's life at any given time ^_^

She also did this


(Un)fortunately for Hino, according to Ayse's customm he will now have to marry her. Celnia as expected overreacted when she heard the news and started to imagine shits. When I said shit, I mean these:

again, I questioned what happened to the censorship?

Hino being the pretentious bastard that he is pretend that it's a burden when he knows he is gonna get some of this

As for Celnia, she is obviously not happy with the marriage arrangement and she shows it the only way she knows how: by belittling other people. That's how she is. The worst, really.

The next day Hino was kidnapped and Celnia panicked Oh god I hate obvious girl! Saikyo took the opportunity to mess with them all >=3

In truth, Hayde put Hino in the same bed with Ayse. Lucky bastard no? I am surprised that he did not get b0ner. Does this mean he's gay?! O_O

fucking drools...

He must be. I mean what other guy will talk about sensible thing when he got strapped on a bed with a naked hot chick who wants to fuck you, right? I think even gay man would have no problem getting his analog stick working in situation like that. The same shit happened in Omamori Himari and I have long since dropped the shit >_>

OMFG the show was just about to get interesting (Ayse was about to give Hino a fucking handjob dammit!) when the slut Celnia burst in and stopped her prentending that she's doing it for the academy reputation's sake! Argh!!!! *frustrated*But now at least she has a rival for Ayse told Hino directly that she likes him. Yosh!

By the way, remember in episode 1 when I said Daichi is a girl? This episode confirmed it. She is an absolute pettan that's how she gets away with the tux!

And that's the end of episode 4. Onto episode 5! and why the hell am I still doing weekly episodes on this shit? =\

Oh right because of her ^w^

So they decided to show us why there is such a fierce rivalry between Saikyo and Celnia. Celnia is pissed because Saikyo surpass her in academy while Saikyou in envious of Celnia's body figure, more specifically her tits.

One thing lead to the other (that's me saying I'm lazy) and they find themselves locked in the hot spring and got the chance to talk properly to each other. By the way the following images have nothing to do with the story -__-

Look at the size of that thigh =\


Well, Celnia is supposed to sound like that, as she's the resident drill tsundere. I forgave her, because her name's so cool D:
I'm probably liking this a lot more than I should. the blatant service doesn't bother me, and I just end up oogling the kanokon art.

Don't you think the name Celnia itself is annoying? =\

I can tolerate this rubbish but Celnia is really getting on my nerve

These hentai are really nice. Even though it has a lot of nudity, it won't really matter that much because it's only cartoons.

I won't called it hentai. This was leaning more towards ecchi. And lol at the words "cartoon" but yeah I actually know people who actually faps to anime. But it is all good. Just as long you enjoy/appreciate it :>

which episodes are the last 2 pics?

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