10 February 2010

Bleach: Episode 257

Yay, we are back to Karakura Town. I am always excited when they bring the story to the real world because most of the time, the kids will act just like that: kids and not a human with powers. Even shinigami wears the school uniform sometimes and with that comes hilarity XD

In this episode, there was this wounded dude falling from the sky (a.k.a the Soul Society) and upon sensing him Ichigo went after him. The dude is obviously a materialized zanpaktou. He was chased by the chibi Toushiro who came to the real world to let Ichigo and Urahara know of the problem the Soul Society is facing >_>

oh I feel the love :P

I am glad Matsumoto appeared. She was always good for comic relief. Since she came with Haineko, the both of them took some inappropriate photo. They made Nova blushed... awwwwwww. I just wish Rukia has followed them too...

Back in Soul Society, I was really surprised (not to mention that I am slightly pissed off) when they showed Shunsui and Ukitake playing cards. That wasn't the worst part though. They even let their zanpaktou made a fool of them. Shunsui let his zanpaktou draw on his face!

I'm glad though that they decided to show us how the zanpaktou came to be again even after some of them were broken. I hate plotkai.

Also the zanpaktou Toushiro was chasing got eaten by a hollow and the hollow evolved and became it wielder. Matsumoto, Haineko and Inoue found the hollow first and as Haineko was about to get raped, Ichigo appeared and the useless Inoue has tears in her eyes. Obvious girl is fucking annoying

In the end they all agreed that they would have even greater problem in their hands if the Sword Fiends merged with other spirit entities since it would make them even stronger.

worthy of wallpaper

I really like the quality of the anime in this episode. Not once does Ichigo's face looks like a retard and the fighting sequels were pretty slick as well.

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