23 December 2009

Bleach: Episode 251

Before anything else, allow me say this about Kouga: he has the right to ran amok and killed all those bastards for having such a blind faith on the Gotei 13. Their justice as far as I can see is fucked up. The Central 46 is full with bunch of selfish bastards who has their own agenda. The old fuck Yamaji doesn't have a brain to begin with so why he is the Captain Commander kinda speak for itself that the Gotei 13 was/is full of a bunch of morons who blindedly follow his lead even if it is illogical and stupid as fuck.

Sure, Kouga sullied the name of the 6th Division and the Kuchiki clan but fuck that. Life ain't all about status and shit.


So what did they do when Kouga lost his ability to think straight and ran amok? Of course they would send more people to try and kill him. More like sacrificial lambs. I mean they already know the outcome so why don't they just sealed him right away? Or send his wife to talk to him...

Like I said, Gotei 13 was/is full of morons.

Stupid fucker #1

I always thought Muramasa was the one who edging him on to betray Soul Society so I was surprised when he kinda disapproved of Kouga killing innocent people. Damn, he reminds me of Ulquiorra, or at least the idea of Ulquiorra that I have imprinted in my mind ^_^

Apparently he's a masochist too :P

So Muramasa abandoned Kouga at the last minute otherwise Kouga would have killed the old fuck. Why Muramasa... WHY?! Oh right, because he couldn't hear the voice of ego-inflated Kouga at that time -__-.

Obviously Kouga was mad at him for that and the first thing he did when he was freed was to stabbed Muramasa with his broken zanpaktou. LOL at the irony.

Just as Kouga was about to kill Muramasa, guess who stepped in. None other than Byakuya himself. w00t!! I can't wait to find out what the relationship between these two is @_@

The omake makes me wonder where could the Kenseikan be on Genrei...

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I cant wait!!! byakuya is my fav character and i wanna see why he betrayed all the others to follow Muramasa and what these two have in relation. Byakuya kill this fucker!!!
and awesome rant as always :p

OMG a stalker! lol kidding. Glad that someone at least enjoy my rants on Bleach ^^

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