25 September 2009

Bleach: Chapter 375

OH. MY. FREAKING. GAWD... O_O *mouth foaming, brain explodes!!*

This spread makes my week, man. It is totally stupendous! Gah I love Bleach!!!

Anyway, about this week's chapter... did Stark just... died? For fucking real? Just... like that? Just with a shikai? Wasn't he supposed to be like the fucking primera espada, the strongest there is? So... wait... did he really just fucking died?!



I want to fucking rant some more but Hallibel's getting gang rape kinda makes me want to squeal in delight.

and ZOMG!!! Why didn't I get to see Gin vs Shinji?!! Just. WHAT. THE. FUCK?! THAT'S THE FIGHT THAT I WANT TO FUCKING SEE KUBO!!! >=(

*fucking fangasm is an understatement*

The end of this chapter is something that I did not expect. My heart flutters at the unexpected twist. I have been complaining about the pacing of the story lately and BAM!!

*teh awesome ending*

We got Stark dying/dead, Gin vs Shinji (which we need to fucking see the fight!) and Aizen killing off Hallibel. I don't know whether to rant or be full of praise for Kubo.

What I do know, after 8 years, I still freaking in love with Bleach.

and this kinda blows for our friends in the Hueco Mundo group *chuckles*

ps: Ulquiorra is the strongest after all <3


I think they copped out on the Stark fight and Aizen killing off Hallibel.
I would've liked to see how exactly Stark got beaten and Hallibel actually fighting more.
Oh well, I'm still reading after 8 years as well.

yay a fellow fan!
I'm glad that Kubo is picking up on the pace but all of these seem so sudden. I too want to see Hallibel gets gang rape especially by Hiyori.

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