11 September 2009

Bleach: Chapter 373


For a second, I was worried that Love and Rose can handle the wolves with just their shikai abilities because that would just be super gay.

The wolves have the ability to blow themselves up once they take a bite on their opponent since they are made of ceros. Awesome? Not so much because I've seen stuff like that everyday in the Gotei 13 but still it is quite tricky to defeat Stark now, huh? Oh but they are not ordinary ceros though. They are in essence Stark and Lilynette hence why they can do serious damage to guys like Love and Rose.

So now that the the two of them have seen some of Stark power, they have learned their lesson and stop undermining their enemy. Bleh. Too late.

But hold on, is it?! As Stark about to lash a critical attack to the two of them, he was pierce by a sword.

I don't think it belongs to either Love or Rose so let see who could it belongs to. We know that Lisa and Hayori is helping out Toushiro with Hallibel, Shinji with the trio ex captains, Mashimaro fending off the Gillian and Hachi is probably getting himself healed after his fight with Barragan. So that left Kensei as the possible wielder to the sword.

I'm satisfied. I think 3 on 1 against the Primera Espada just about leveling the field.

ps: Primera Espada is not made of one person but two: Coyote Stark and Lilynette Gingerback. Original name my ass LOL.


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