03 December 2009

Bleach: Chapter 384

I am not sure why Komamura and Shuuhei were so surprised to find out that Tousen can used the mask, hence made him a Vaizard

I mean what did they expect? I facepalmed when they were standing there stunned by what they have just saw. It is not like they haven't seen Ichigo's hollowfication. Although Ichigo's transformation during his fight with Byakuya ain't complete, it was still hollowfication whichever way you look at it.

So what next? Shuuhei was cut by Tousen even before he can blink. Only then Komamura came to his senses and started to attack Tousen. Too late you dog-face.

And then they had this conversation:

Tousen spoke the truth. It was blatant irony. Ichigo didn't ask for it so it was okay for him, and the rest of the Vaizards to use it? Even Komamura admit the difference in power so why does it shocked him that someone wants that power? This is the perfect example that ignorance doesn't necessary means bliss. In this case, ignorance is youaresofuckedupyoudidn'tknowwhofuckedyou.

Oh hooray! I thought Shuuhei had fallen for sure. Apparently he was not and he kinda hot being all sweaty and bloody but that besides the point. We got to see a little flashback when Tousen still has afro and Shuuhei was a pussy.

Eh wait. He was cut again while he preached about Tousen's words of old *double facepalmed*

Jeebus... but on other note, Tousen's mask roxxor, looking slick as shit. He was also kinda cool when he said his fear has always been that he would die as a shinigami. Hahaha win!

I'm so looking forward to see Komamura get both his and his bankai's asses kicked by Tousen. Bigger does not necessarily means better. Yammy is a pretty fine example, no?

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


thats a lame mask lol. O yeah I'm into bleach right now I feel left behind around episode 80 wish I watched it sooner. Looking forward to your other updates Klux

I like Tousen's mask. It's very bondage like haha.
I'm kind of annoyed at that whole "hollowfication is wrong" crap too.

Tousen's mask is a bit "blank" for my tastes, but it fits in well with his outfit lol.

@Cid, ignore the fillers. You'll catch up in no time.

@Yi, the hypocrisy of the Gotei 13 disgusts me.

@TJ, it fits perfectly with his personality. Tousen is blah and I wish him the most painful death ever ^^

Tousen cant see so he doesnt need any fancy designs lol
waiting to see the extent of his powers now.

i'm gonna watch all of it even if it kills me

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