08 December 2009

Anime: Winter 2009/10 v2

Here we go again, version 2 of Chartfag's anime winter list for 2009/10.

Weiss Survive R is already out if anyone interested. I'm not.

Just look at the continuation of the OVAs: Denpa teki na Kanojo, Aika Zero (wasn't it something to do with pantsu? O_-) and holy shit, Hellsing Ultimate!

As for the new one, I'm only interested in Fate/Stay Night, Boku Otaryman, Halo Legend and Dante's Inferno (both are from Production IG, must check it out).

Err... why is Katanagatari categorized as OVA? =\

p/s: Aki Sora must be some sort of hentai-ish OVA, not to mention lesbian incest. Must ignore!

edit: Here is what I thought of the anime from version 1.

second edit: Holy fuck, I chanced upon Aki Sora's manga. It wasn't a lesbian but damn that brother of her looks like a girl O_O

third edit: Holy fucking fuck! What's the matter with Aki Sora?! For fuck sake, not only the big sister is having an incest relationship with her younger brother, the twin sister is a lesbian too?


Another Denpa teki and another Hellsing OVA! FUCK YES!

Other than that, only three shows I'm interested in, Vampire Bund, Qwaser, and Ookamikakushi. This is good, because usually I get involved with too much anime, and die.

I didn't realize that Hellsing Ultimate is getting an OVA. Must watch!
Also, I'm quite interested in Vampire Bund, but other than that... not sure yet.

@Glo, I guess it is kinda good that most of the anime sucks since, like you said, we won't be caught with too much anime, and well... die. XD

Apparently, there is always a silver lining even in the darkest cloud.

@Yi, if I'll be terribly honest with myself, I would pick ONLY Katanagatari, Durara and Bund. But since I'm such an animetard, I probably would check all of them out >_>

I'm not going to look at the list because I like me element of surprise from animes.

But HELLSING ULTIMATE is definitely a must watch. Though, I'm a little unsure, it's the continuation from last season right? Which was until episode 4. Where the card throwing golem faced off with Hellsing on the building.

At least that's what I remember... -.-"

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