09 December 2009

Bleach: Episode 249

*sigh* some of the friends I know have decided to stop watching the filler until it is over. It saddens me that they do that but I can't blame them. The filler started with so much promise but gradually turned into a shitfest. Last week was an abomination....

So why am I still watching it? Because I am a Bleachtard and there is nothing I would do to change that.

And guess what did we have for the opening scene? They freaking showed us again how fucking retarded Inoue was for healing Muramasa who she already knew is an enemy of Soul Society thus making him an enemy to Ichigo Kurosaki as well. Not to mention the fact that he tried to rape her before he fell unconscious. Jeebus talk about being stupid. But seriously, good job for reminding me about this. I didn't get to say that in the last chapter.

As predicted, the fights between Kenpachi vs that big bull and Yourichi vs Tobiume/Haineko were awfully lame. Nothing I have not seen before. However, finally Yourichi decided to tell Tobiume and Haineko of Muramasa's betrayal.

Meanwhile, the four captains plus one zanpaktou at the surface STILL tried to get out of Ryuujin Jakka.

Keep repeating the shit faggot, maybe it will come true one of these days >=(

I must say when it comes to Byakuya and his zanpaktou, this filler never ceased to amazed me. I chuckled when Muramasa had problems dealing with Ishida and Sado, I mean, talked about consistencies huh?! He has a Ryuujin Jakka for fuck sake. Thank goodness that he was saved by Senbonzakura.

My amusement was short-lived when Muramasa decided to fuck with Sado's mind and what do we get? His fucking inner world. I'm not interested dammit!

Are you for real, bitch?! If you had not healed him... OMG I'm so fucking mad right niao.

But HOLY FUCKING SHIT guess who appeared at a crucial moment when Muramasa was about to rape the wench Inoue for the second time with his hollow minions? Kuchiki the-fucking-glorious Rukia! I literally jump out of my seat and started clapping. Definitely a BAM moment. *fap*


See? This is why I'm a Bleachtard :D

Anyway, Muramasa has successfully freed Kouga from his imprisonment despite the effort that everyone put trying to stop him (when I said everyone, I did not include Inoue. We all agreed that she's good-for-nothing-whore-that-can-only-rely-on-Ichigo-to-save-the-day. OMG I just realized why he healed Muramasa. It would guaranteed that Ichigo will returned to fight him, no? So obviously she will have the chance to fuck him too! Gah, good god Inoue... Very subtle indeed).

Kouga, meet everyone. Everyone, here is Kouga.

Of course, Ichigo arrived fashionably late but...

This simple exchange of words made my day ^_^

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


Well... You know how I feel about Inoue.

Anyway, I'm still not watching the fillers, but I just want to point out that Kouga is really ugly.

I'm sorry but seriously Inoue really is stupid in this filler. Not that she's any better in canon.

But anyway, Kouga is supposed to be really old,probably same age as the old fuck Yamaji.

Yeah, I used to feel pretty glad about watching Bleach, but now they've turned it into a fucking laughing stock. I haven't even watched the last 2 episodes (including this one). After I saw episode 248...? Yeah, that one, I just had it. I mean Kenpachi is supposedly such a badass and he can't even do anything. So lame. And Yoruichi is alright, but has to take forever to kill or subdue 2 measly zanpaktou.......weak. And honestly, I hate Kuchiki AND Inoue. I just wonder, "WHY IN THE HELL WOULD THE PEOPLE AT BLEACH WRITE THIS SHIT??????" Beats me...it's really effin does. And Sado, aka "Chad," along with Ishida are stupendously pathetic. I want to be even more pissed that supposedly they gave muramasa/Jakka a hard time, but I gotta remember that this kind of shit happens all the time. I shouldn't even be surprised.

lmao, yep lets be angry together FaS RAWRRRR!!!

The production team must consists of a bunch of moron who couldnt even came up with good story. I would asked them to ask Kubo for help but that wouldn't make it a filler now would it? We would call that canon and then all hope is lost.

Not that Kubo is any different nowadays.

exactly. kubo really is losing his game nowadays. imo Bleach's golden days was the soul society arc. it was actually thrilling and ingenious back then...

Yeah, I avoid fillers like the plague. after the first few naruto fillers... *shudder*

and I see with those last screencaps that as always people are just standing around, waiting for the fight to happen. Look how straight they're all standing. not a single dynamic movement. Bleach at its finest. All is right in the world.

yep SS arc was glorious. no censorship no shit. blood was blood back then, not colorless water.


Why don't they do a HM filler? I bet it would be more interesting...

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