23 September 2009

Denpa Teki no Kanojo

The anime started with a rape scene so naturally I was excited intrigued.

Denpa Teki no Kanojo tells the story of one delinquent Juuzawa Juu. One day he met Ame Ochibana who pledge her body/soul/heart to Juuzawa, claiming that she and he are linked in their previous life. Their story is alternate with some gruesome murder scenes which of course needs to be solved.

The day he met Ame, his class president, Fujishima got killed by the Phantom Killer who he chanced upon while walking randomly in a rainy night. Ame found the murder weapon and told him so but of course he who thinks Ame has a few screws loose in her head thought that she is the Pantom Killer. So begins his investigation until he met the culprit.

Then BAM! the one he caught before wasn't the real culprit. I was totally caught off guard. It was goooooooood.

The story touches issues that are rather common nowadays and shows us how we as human learn to face those issues. It was psychologically delicious.

The animation is decent. It got really details when it comes to the gory murders. Other than that nothing special. I also notice the action sequels. It was pretty darn sharp.

The voice actors did a good job in my opinion since they all seems in character, be it deceiving or not. Juuzawa especially have this habit of clicking his tongue whenever he gets annoyed and that little thing makes him more real and believable as a character.

The ED song is something that I don't mind having on my playlist either if I could find it.

The ending of this OVA is freaking amazing. It was unexpected which is why I enjoy it so much. It influenced my rating a lot. I mean A FUCKING LOT. This OVA is definitely a must watch for thriller/mystery lovers out there.


I'm looking forward for the next two episodes. I don't mind having more of this goodies.

Thank you Ayako fansubs for picking this one up.

Art 8/10
Sound 8/10
Characters 9/10
Story 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10

edit: review for part 2: Happiness Game


Oh man I loved this OVA. There's still two more coming I think, which further excites me. I loved the character of Ame, she's just awesome.

*nods* agreed. This OVA is made of awesomesauce and Ame is one of the characters that makes this one so enjoyable. I totally dig her weirdness.

RoxxoRs! I love this!!!

Never knew OVA's could be so good until I watched this. First culprit was a given. But 2nd culprit blew my farking mind away!

i'm so gonna check on this one. nice review, btw :3

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