04 November 2009

Bleach: Episode 244

my pedosense is a-tingling :3

I was actually looking forward to see how Kira got defeated by Wabisuke but alas, Kenpachi fucking stole the whole show man! Soi Fon was right to bitch (she's always bitching, isn't she?) but I guess it can't be help. Now I'm looking forward to see Kenpachi got his ass kicked... by Byakuya. heh.

I lol'd pretty hard when Wabisuke the first to attack Kenpachi. Sorry Wabisuke, I like you but you are out of your league. But the lol'd quickly turned to anger when he was defeated. I mean, he just made an appearance last week... couldn't Kenpachi killed the annoying duo of Haineko/Tobiome first? Damn him.

How can YOU while wearing shoulder pads like that? O_o

It annoys me when they started chatting IN THE MIDDLE OF BATTLE! Urgh... what fucktards...

Get the hell away Yachiru! I want to see Kenpachi get his ass kicked like NIAO!! But then what did we get? Senbonzakura being gay and go bankai at every chance he got. He reminds me of Renji. He got what he deserved if you asked me. So then, if he's so easily defeated by Kenpachi, what does this tell us about Ichigo who have been struggling to put even a scratch on him?

You can go home now Ichigo.


Oh but I love the effect when everyone was enveloped by Kenpachi's reiatsu and Byakuya is the only one left standing. Hahahah I think I wet my pants when they started to fight. I squeal a lot too! FUCKING W00T!!! All I can think of is Razz and me fighting. We definitely should it someday soon, Razz!

The omake was stupidly funny :P

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