21 September 2009

Anime: Fall 2009 ver. 2

Version 2 of Fall Anime 2009 is here. Not much different from the first one except for the placements and few added anime.

Besides the obvious choices, I look forward to see Miracle Train, Sasameki Koto and Kaidan Restaurant.

As for Special: Kyou no Go No ni!! w00t!! and TO.

Heaven Lost Property looks like it staring Miku Hatsune. Looks echi but I am willing to give this one a try. Gokyoudai Monogatari looks mighty retarded which actually makes me want to see it as well XD


Hmm, I might give Heaven Lost Property a look; it seems like its got tits. I approve of tits.

Oh wow it looks like they're going to finish animating the InuYasha series. I wasn't even aware of that. I might watch that.

Kimi no Tokokeeeeeeeeee
Nyan Koi and Queen's Blade? (I can't wait to make fun of Queen's Blade again, it should help boost my search results for boobs as well).

Nogizaka is good? I have only seen the first couple of episodes of the first season and the only reason I will bother to download the second season is because I have the first one.

@Snark: I tried to avoid massive tits because massive tits will reminds me that mine is comparable to Konata's LOL

I thought Nogizaka was pretty good. It's one of the few shows I'm going to actually watch this season.

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