11 November 2009

Bleach: Episode 245

So the fight between Byakuya and Kenpachi continues. Eh? Wait... it didn't even get serious because Ashisogi Jizou appeared. I went BAM when I saw him blasting that wall off and started poisoning everyone with his "love potion", including Rukia. I look forward to see how will they survive this.

Renji taking advantage of Rukia >=3

The fight between Soi Fon and her zanpaktou was boring. The little shit kinda reiterate what she already said in previous chapters especially when it concerned Yourichi. I say that she was wasting her breath. Soi Fon will forever be gay for Yourichi. The was she was defeated was lame too. Urgh, everything about the zanpaktou is lame especially her bankai.

See what I fucking mean? *facepalm*

I lol'd when Ashisogi started to bitch slap Ichigo. He's so damn cute...

Even Ashisogi is afraid of the resident retard

But Yachiru proved to be of used in this chapter for helping Kenpachi caught Ashisogi. I went BAM again when Mayuri switched on the self-destruct button on his zanpaktou. He's so effing cool like that. Not to mention that he purposely ticked Kenpachi off and then had a weird awesome moments with Unohana. OTP FTW? XD


Didn't I say I look forward to see the victims of Ashisogi got treated? Hehehe, that is because I know that Mayuri's method is unconventional. I really appreciate the comedy. To see Ichigo on panic mode was always fun, more so when he almost got rape by Nemu's boobs ^o^

I can't wait to see what Muramasa has in store for us now that he's bringing Byakuya to the real world. It totally caught me by surprise when Yourichi dropped the bomb to the rest of them when she said she had found the old fuck Yamaji. I thought the old fucker was dead! I'm so disappointed T__T

Shunshui and Ukitake are totally useless by the way... Senior captains my ass. And the omake was stupid, yet again.

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.


holy cr@p! is that Ishida as Kamen Rider IXA?! HAHAHA what is that about XD

hehe yep that's Ishida alright. You just have to watch the episode now to find out, right? XD

....>.> Wait wtf lol, i could have sworn i caught 245...? wait, maybe it was 244...I don't remember what's her face going up to that crrazy baby zanpaktou.

the retard is called Yachiru.

your post is great. i download Bleach episode 245 last Sunday.this episode is very intersting.in this episode Nice fight between Byakuya and Kenpachi.

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