09 November 2009


I am a fan of raisins and since my sister is pregnant I have been nagging her to eat lots of raisins and prunes among other things. Raisins are said to be good for baby's mental development and great for healthy gums and teeth for the mother. Those are not the only benefits though. They are very effective for prevention of tumor and cancer of colon. The fibers in raisins help excretion of bile from the body, burning of cholesterol and thereby ensuring good cardiac health. They also act as an antioxidant so for women out there who wants to look 30 when you are actually 40, try to include raisins in your daily diet. Raisins are also beneficial for bone density which will help make bones stronger and ward off osteoporosis. Besides that, raisins can be considered a preventative agent for macular degeneration, which is the health of your eyesight.

What? That are not good enough reasons to get you to eat raisins? How about these: they provide relief from constipation, acidosis, anemia, fever and sexual weakness. XD

"Raisins are known to stimulate libido and induce arousal, primarily due to presence of an amino acid called Arginine, which is beneficial in treating problems in erection. It has been a common practice in India to make the bride and the groom drink a glass of milk each, boiled with raisins and added with a pinch of saffron. It is also recommended for those suffering from sexual weakness, to consume raisins regularly. This effect is aided with the presence of lot of energy in raisins."

from Organic Facts

*whistles happily*

Haruhi: Hey, I want some!

Drössel: Hmmphf, yeah right!

Haruhi: Heh >=3 *throws*


Haruhi: Yosh!

Haruhi: This won't happened if you listened to me you know ;) Now gimme!
Drössel: Ack, my head...

Drössel: You wait till I tell Rukia about this!

Haruhi: Heh, adios loser! :D

A/N: The dialogs are lame -__- and I doubt that Rukia will come to Drössel's rescue XD


Lol, nice background set. I think the box of raisin should be enough for both of them. They should learn to share...but then again, Rukia really does appear, you should make them fight more often. =P

Hey, I used to eat those brand of raisins too. Now not so much. I can somehow get drunk on them. ^^;

if Rukia shows up, it will be to take the raisins lol

those are very interesting facts... *goes eat mouthful of raisins*

WOW! i totally did not know raisins would be able to help me so much! Will stock up on raisins soon!

They do remind me a little about the pupils of the "eyes" though. =O




I was going to write a post about raisins! I literally just found it five seconds (literally 5 seconds) before I clicked on your site. That is weirrdddd.

But unlike yours, mine would me more about how raisins always ruin all my food. Cookies with raisin? Blach. Salad with raisins? Who even does that? Bannana Nut Bread.....with RAISINS? NOOOOOO GOD NOOOOOO!

However, by themselves, raisins are fucking great, I can eat a whole box without thinking.

But I'd still rather go for the meat and the sugary stuff. Mmmmm, meat.

UPDATE: I have since eatin an entire bag of raisins, Sun Maid (awesome double meaning, their made in the sun, and the mascot s a Maid of the sun). The bag says it received a fitness award.

@Fujii_Itsuki, Rukia pawned all asses, even the males so yeah no used in fighting when we already established that <3

@rockleelotus, I didn't know about the libido and arousal either until I google-d it. It explains a lot of things :P

@zh3us, OMG *facepalm* XD

@Glo the Magnificent, BRAINWAVES!!! and I just baked a cake today ;)

Lol@Lovebirds. Xp
I has got to be fate!

Nice shots. Love the Bokeh's. Coupled with the striking colors. Makes it feel very lively indeed.

As Fujii said, very nice background indeed!

Typo: -.-"
"It" has got to be fate.

Sexual weakness...?


"Pikachu used fellatio!"
"It was super-effective!"

@blur... lovebirds? *kick your ass* XD

@Snark, *cackles* that is the brilliant thing ever!

I should go eat some raisins.

Why is Haruhi always the mean one? Poor Drossel.

She wasn't mean! Drossel didn't want to share!

It has been sometime that I have not eaten that brand of raisin. Feel like eating it now...

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