17 July 2013

First Impression: Blood Lad

I look forward to this show since... well, since they first announced the adaptation. It's definitely something that seems to suite my taste better than any of the anime I've seen from the Summer season so far. After all, I do have some weird fetishes and blood just happens to be one of them.

But wait a second... where's the freaking blood?

It's all happy and cheerful with this anime. Doesn't mean that it's not good but yeah I was pretty disappointed. I expected something gore, not this fuwa-fuwa shit. Staz is great though. I like him the moment he was introduced. He's a vampire descendant and the boss of the East Demon world. He loves anything human and especially adores Japan. One day, a melon on two legs appeared. He was excited as fuck until she was killed and become a demon. Somehow one thing led to another, so he promised to bring her back to life and follows her to the human world.

Like I said, no blood was spilled. Staz did fight a bad guy but I wouldn't even called it a fight. More like the show just trying to show off that Staz is really the boss of the territory.

Oh pardon me, I didn't notice the comedy genre up until now. Dafuq.

Will continue to watch this though.

Episode: tbc
Aired: Summer 2013
Producers: Brains Base

arts & animation 8/10
story 7/10
characters 8/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7.6/10


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