16 July 2013

First Impression: Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

All my hopes lie with the fact that Madhouse Studios is producing this. Let's hope then that the studio delivers even though the plot is already sounds disappointing. Having said that, after looking at the poster at MAL, my heart sinks: a loli holding a spade? Ah I hope there are other characters that makes watching this worth while...

(c) Shino (Eefy)
And thank goodness they introduced a white hair male protagonist right away otherwise I would have dropped this even before it started.

The plot is about the loli whose name is Ai. She was made to believe that she's a gravekeeper. That title mean something in this alternate world because it has power to keep the dead, well... dead. One day, her world collapse when a Hampnie Hambart went into her town, killed everyone and revealed that she's not really a gravekeeper.

And just like Madhouse, it managed to keep the mystery shit going which makes me intrigued to find out more, not only about Ai but about Hampnie as well.

Mission success, Madhouse. Well done.

Episode: 13
Aired: Summer 2013
Producers: Madhouse Studios

arts & animation 7/10
story 7/10
characters 7/10
sound 8/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 7.2/10


Not a good review.

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