11 October 2012

First Impression: Kyousogiga (2012)

After the one episode ONA, they have decided to do 5 episodes ONA for Kyousogiga. Too bad the release dates for the five episodes are too far apart and is scheduled to end in December. Furthermore, each episode is only 10 minutes long. But nonetheless, it's better than nothing, right?

The first episode pretty much introduced us to Koto's childhood, where she lives and trained by her master, mostly known as Fox. The both of them didn't go by the rules, and shared something in common. Both of them have crimson eyes which in my opinion, hot as fuck, especially if he's a guy. But that aside, something that her master said, made her wants to find her mom, even though as she grew up, she knew that she doesn't exist but pretends that she is anyway.

The two kids from the previous ONA are actually her familiars, A and Un. Now that she's in mirror city Kyoto, she lives with Myoe, the priest that take care of them and so the wackiness continue.

Towards the end of the episode, a gate appeared and looks like Koto is about to go through. We just have to wait another month to see where it leads >_>

My thoughts about the production, seiyuu, and everything else regarding Kyousogiga remain the same. It is still manage to grab my attention and fulfill my desire for something different. Thank you Toei Animation.

Type: ONA
Episodes: 5
Aired: Fall 2012
Genres: Action, Supernatural, Fantasy

arts & animation 10/10
story 10/10
characters 10/10
sound 10/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 10/10



Clearly it's the Rie Kugimiya influence!

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