06 January 2012


Type: ONA
Episodes: 1
Producers: Toei Animation
Genres: Supernatural

I was impressed when I first saw Kyousogiga in the preview. My initial thought was that this might turned out as a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. It has to do with the whole art on that poster. It promised me something that is unconventional and somewhat gave me hope that the animation would be flawless. So yeah, good luck Toei Animation. Let see if you can meet my expectation...

Well... it is definitely not Alice in Wonderland other than the part that she wants to go home and there's somewhat rabbit involved. Kyousogiga just pretty much thrown you into a wacky world where the characters fight with giant balloon hammer and stopped car with their legs. The enemies were naught but a poorly drawn character that were all white and yet you can tell that they were from the mafia or something. These fights were observed by some higher up and they kept communicating (more like yelling) with the characters through out the fight. All these happened without them bothering to introduce us to any of the characters. It's either you keep up or fuck off.

That's the beauty of this show. It doesn't try to please the audience. It just pretty much do whatever the fuck it wants. Who the hell cares if it makes little sense to anyone else?

I finally get the gist of things towards the end. I am writing this for my own personal purpose so I won't forget the details. Beware spoilers in this paragraph. Read at your own risk; Kyusogiga took place at a mirror Kyoto town. Koto, the female kid protagonist is somewhat connected to the Lady Koto, the rabbit that everyone is looking for. She, her brother, A and Un, live with Myoe. He and his other two siblings created a congregation of the three to bring Lady Koto back. At the end, they wanted to annihilate - or seemingly looks like it - Koto but Myoe disagree and they fought. When all hope seemed lost, Lady Koto appeared and suddenly everyone lives happily ever after. /spoiler.

I fall in love with the characters for a show that only last for 25 minutes but then again, I always like characters that defy anything conventional or of the norm and these characters definitely fit the bill. Koto is loud and for once they actually made a character acted her age. I love it when at the end she was crying her eyes out because her first kiss was stolen by another girl. The twin (I assumed they are), are just so much fun even with the quieter Un. You can see that A looked up to Koto by he way he behave and act. Then there's Myoe, a fucking hot bishie of a monk who doesn't really goes by the rules. I found myself wiping my drools a few time looking at him. The other cast of supporting characters completed the show even though we basically have no clue what are their purpose etc. For example, who is Inari?

I don't usually pay any attention to the OP or ED unless they really are something that match my personal taste so forgive me if I said that they are pretty unmemorable. I'm writing this after 10 minutes of watching the show and I already forget what it sounds like. It didn't leave any impact for my taste bud and thus I leave the review for the OP and ED to the expert. What I want to highlight however is the fact that the cast of seiyuu really did a good job bringing their characters personality to life. I don't think I would have a bOnar for Myoe if it wasn't for the right sound of voice that comes out of his animated mouth. Kenichi Suzumura sounded so smexy in this one *faps*. I am not a fan of Rie Kugimiya mainly because she played too many tsundere characters. I am glad that it wasn't the case for Koto though and thus, I'm going to compliment her for this show as well. Not one character sounds obnoxious, not even the demon Yase who kinda have a bipolar personality.

The animation didn't disappoint me at all. I get what I asked for. It was something that we didn't see often in anime and I appreciate stuff like this. In a glance, it reminds me of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with it's over the top sequence of everything. Well, I should expect this right? After all, this ONA is produced by the same studios that brought us Mononoke and Lovely Complex. I can't complain about the art either. After all, I was impressed with a simple poster and they delivered what they promised. The character designs got me drooling and the whole background just fits nicely with the random wackiness that this show provides.

If I have to describe Kyousogiga, I will say that it is like a cross between Gintama and Yozakura no Quartet with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in the middle. Doesn't make sense, does it now? Exactly. I keep wondering what the hell am I watching and yet I found it so very entertaining.

Digest that!

I wish they made a TV series out of this one. So yeah. Watch this if you need a (good) mind fuck. That's all I have to say.

art & animation 10/10
story 9/10
characters 10/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 10/10
overall 9.6/10


and for this one, husbando, she did good :)

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