28 October 2012

Diary of a tard - Week 4, October 2012

It has been too long since I wrote any post for this blog. My life just take precedence at the moment and I am enjoying every moment of it. It's not like I have stopped watching anime altogether. Heavens NO! I just watch less of them now and since I don't have time for anime, the time I did have, I rather spend it by watching them instead of writing a post about it. To be honest, it's not a good strategy for me since I tend to forget most of what I saw and hence have no recollection of certain shit. However, given the circumstances, I just have to deal with it somehow.

Monday, October 22

Episode 2 of K: I was greatly disappointed with the development. First of all, I still dislike Isana Yashiro a lot, and then they decided to add a cat based character in a form of a naked chic with huge tits. That just totally turn me off about this anime. This episode is about Yatagami getting along with Isana somewhat. It was supposed to be quite comedic I guess but I fucking hate it.

Tuesday, October 23

Episode 3 of K: This is more like it as we are no longer focusing on Black/White but instead Blue/Red of which my favorite pair since the beginning. Anyhoo, Kuroh changed his mind about killing Shiro which disappoint me greatly. As for the Blue/Red, there were some action and more information revealed about them in this chapter. I don't think the pace of this show something that I'm happy about.


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