04 August 2012

First Impression: Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse

It was easy for me to dismiss this show and put it in the anishit list for my preview for the simple fact that I am not a fan of boobs or any of the genres. I have also seen figures being made for this show which often means that I made the right decision. My logic is fucked up sometimes but I'm fine with it. Problem?

Muv-Luv Alternative is pretty much about a bunch of girls driving a mecha to fight off alien invaders. They are still kids with barely any training but obviously one/two of them girls will be great and such. It is a pretty much standard mecha story all over again. Having said that, the pace was good and the setup wasn't all that bad at all.

I just don't understand the tight-suit part. Why the hell they have to create it to look like that? Did pervert invented them? That should explain all the unnecessary exposures. And why the hell am I ranting about this shit?

Anyhoo, I wasn't a fan of the character designs. It was typical and wasn't even that sharp. Maybe they literally took the 90's concept because it really does feels outdated. The sound, especially during the war, was pretty accurate though so credits for that. Too bad I don't really pay any attention to the seiyuu but overall I think they did good.

I stand corrected though. This show does not deserved a place in my anishit list at all. Unfortunately, like I said, I am not a fan of the genres and so, even though I somewhat enjoyed the first episode, I doubt that I will have time to sit through the rest of 23 episodes. I don't think I will enjoy it that much.

However I will watch several more episodes just because I want to see Daisuke Ono's character. Heh.

Episode: 24
Aired: Summer 2012
Genres: Action, Mecha, Sci-fi, Military

arts & animation 5/10
story 7/10
characters 6/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 6/10
overall 6.4/10


You've only watched the first episode right? Watch the second, and your opinion might be considerably revised.Watch the third, and I think it'll start feeling thematically different, for good or for I'll.

And then after the tone changes away from Starship Troopers active combat in episode 3, the tone will suddenly be changing again towards versus alien active combat around episode 8, give or take an episode, judging by the LNs.

Really it's jumping all over.

sounds like it's all over the place. Good enough reasons for me to avoid it :P

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