18 March 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, March 2012

Wednesday, March 14

Amatsuki chapter 53: A flash back of Beni-chan childhood as well as Kanzou. Apparently Kanzou is a demon too. He's the small demon servant to the god of Dog. As for Beni-chan, she was possessed by the demon and hence her hatred for them. This chapter further explained how Sasaki got involved. He didn't have any idea of the shrine at first until Hizame told him. They feel the need to "balance" both world as they see the shrine gave too much freedom for the demon world which might cause the human world to collapse. Hizame offered Sasaki her own blood. She wanted Sasaki to gauge his own eyes and splashed some of her blood (which have super healing ability). By doing this, Sasaki will see the demons with his own eyes. This chapter also revealed how the priest Shamou was pretty much forced to take care of her by the demon who resides in her.

Chapter 5 of Ame Nochi Hare: So the boys go to the girl school when they grow boobs. Everything was new to them. They gotta learned how bitchy girls can be. As I have expected, shit is going fast with Hazuki and that braided-hair girl. He got asked out to the movie, not that she knew he's a male, but still. The others all decided to help him out on his first "date". In the middle of the movie, they all changed back to boys. Hazuki changed in the ladies and got stuck in there so the four guys have to pick him up. Asumi who knew nothing was wondering what took "Tsuki" so long. LOL. By the way, it looks like Maki has a secret of his own while Madoka apparently is engaged but it was fixed by his parents.

God knows why but I picked up a shoujo manga when I saw "naked man" in it's synopsis. The title is Don't Cry Girl. It's about Taeko. She is freeloading with a hot guy (a friend of her useless parent) who is an exhibitionist. He is always naked when it home. His friends are weirdo too. For example, Jinnai has an obsession with large penis LMAO. She's living a dream, if you asked me :P


LMFAO - a FML moment in a manga is too funny

there are just too many FML moment in that manga XD

Are you an exhibitionist too, Mushyrulez? :P

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