08 March 2012

Bleach: Chapter 484

Oh why don't you look at that... the old fuck is pissed. Then again, he is always pissed about something. Maybe he couldn't get a release for his bOnar or something. He took down Sasakibe from being part of the wall decoration in his office.

Gotta gives credit for the rebel Quincy though. They went after the big guns and didn't give a shit about the smaller fries. They sure have guts. Too bad that they disappeared after delivering the annihilation message to the old fuck. I would love to see them kill him on the spot. Oh well, soon I hope.

The old fuck tried to stop the Vandenreich from living but they are too fast for him. Their reiatsu completely gone from Seiretei which indicated that their movements are not affected by the Shakonmaku. Then Sasakibe, with his dying breath (kidding - bad guy don't die in Bleach remember?) revealed to the old fuck that these antagonists can do bankai.

Ho? Interesting indeed. Now they are dealing with some organization whose members have Quincy, hollow/arrancar and shinigami power combined? Hahahaha no wonder these son of bitches were so confident that they can annihilate Soul Society in 5 days.

Back in the real world, Ivan was having a hard time with Ichigo. Now, that is one haywired plan. Ivan just couldn't believe that Ichigo still has his bankai. He mumbled out loud so naturally Ichigo heard every words he said. For some reason, Ichigo wanted to drag Ivan back home for further questioning. This was when a shadow split from Ivan. He said something like the shadow only chooses the chosen one. Ivan used the shadow to run away. He pretty much disappeared into thin air.

But they do have a place to go. They went back to their "camping site" and thus it was revealed how the antagonists this time around look like. Just like the arrancar, the members of Vandenreich don't see eye to eye with each other. They too have a leader who seems ruthless as fuck, and sort of reminds me of Aizen when he cut off Grimmjow's arm.

the lair
the lair

Whoa wait a minute. Don't get excited too soon because it is certainly not Aizen. He looks more like he's from the SPARTA era than anything else and kinda reminds me of Shunsui as well.

Kubo has revealed 2 of the Vandenreich faces but he has yet to properly introduce to us who these guys are. One thing for sure, Karakura Town and Soul Society are in for one hell of a bloody mess. At the moment, it seems like they are totally fucked.

Oh I also forgot to mention that Kubo referred to the antagonist leader as the Empire's King. What does that mean? Is he the king of Soul Soceity? Is this arc going to be about the King's Key? So many questions need to be answered...

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p/s: The chapter is titled The Buckbeard. What the hell is Buckbeard?


buckbeard does indeed sound ridiculous. I hope it's not the name of the new badguy.

All the quincy died right? so then they went to soul society. I guess the shinigami expected them to be scattered amoungst the people there and forget their old lives. I guess they found each other and have been developing this plan ever since?

Are we just dropping Aizen completely? I'll grant that I was getting tired of him, but everything feels so random now.

that doesn't explain the hollow mask and bankai shit. If they are in Soul Society, shouldn't the higher-up would be able to detect their reiatsu as such? Where did they disappeared to? So many questions.

Yes, because the arc is progressing at the speed of lightning, everything is just one random shit after the other. I still finding it hard to brain what happened in the last chapter...

Hmmm I guess every single ruthless evil leader has to blast off the arm of an underling to show off how ruthless they are lol.

I'm surprised the others still have their appendages intact >_>

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